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Kynes playing guitar. Drones zooming around. he's talking to Camille Winslow (chancellor.) He wants to talk to the hosts. He wants Seattle.

Will's drinking (James Dalton). He's flirting with a blond lady. He's looking for Terry Lennox. He wants Terry's help. Blonde is scared. He reports to Miss Lennox.

Will comes home and checks in with Gracie and Bram. Bram seems to be mad a Will. Katie comes downstairs and is going to work.

Bram is caring for Gracie. Will and katie don't speak. katie takes a car to the refugee place. She's in charge of sending families to their SRMA buses. Rmor is LA is being re-populated.

Daisy is looking for Terry, but there's no record. "A lot of people have disappeared in this colony." Will.

Highly skilled people are disappearing. Will's investigating.

Bram works for Emerald City Direct, delivering allocations to residents.

Mr. Crane does classified work fro the Seattle Initiative. Will is talking about Terry. They worked at Boeing together.

Katie goes by Laura. She's pushing the Winslow family to the top of the list. Re-interviewing them.

Bram picks up Gracie. "Do you think they're going to get a divorce?" Gracie.

Will tracks Terry. He's actually Mr. Crane. Will kicks his ass. Will catches a relection of himself as he's about to kill Terry. "He got what he deserved." Will.

Katie pretends not to see Will is bleeding. They're hosting a neighborhood party. They're robotic.

Katie's coworker, michelle, tells Will to try and fit in better for Katie's sake.

Katie and Will are talking. Will hates it. Katie is settling. Will's angry.

Bram lies to Katie and goes to an underground party. He brings alcohol.

Patrol catches Will sleeping in his car.

Daisy Lennox is trying to get hold of Will.

Michelle looks to see where the family is she placed. Michelle tells Katie and katie goes to visit. She brings a plant. The apartment is empty. In fact, no one is in the apartments.

Bram is looking for a different job. He wants his own place. He thinks his parents are getting a divorce too.

Will goes to see Daisy. He tells her Terry is dead. Heart attack.

Broussard gets in Will's car. "Is that any way to greet an olld friend? You're a hard man to find, Mr. Dalton." Broussard (to Will.) 

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Colony Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Is that any way to greet an old friend? You're a hard man to find, Mr. Dalton.


He got what he deserved.