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It's an Asian part of town. People are letting go of lanterns in memory of their lost loved ones. The Red Hats come up and try to disperse the crowd. It gets ugly.

Apparently it's happening all over town. It's the anniversary. Will and Beau use it as an opportunity to sell their story to Proxy Snyder.

Katie meets with Broussard. His mother died the night of the arrival due to shock. The males hanging with Rachel were her sons. Damn.

Maddie is crying at work. She gets to clean the kitchen today.

Will and Beau are part of a convoy going outside of LA.

Nolan visits Proxy Snyder. Snyder has heard that there is a proposal of someone to take over the block. Nolan says he has no knowledge of that. Snyder doesn't believe him.

Broussard and Katie go to see Hennessy who wonders why they didn't use the special knock.

Maddie tries to appease her employer by apologizing and giving her an art tip.

Will, Beau and the gang are in a high rise building where the two of them are ready to set their plan to put their cover story into motion. They have a great view of the entire area from there, look around and then start shooting. There are two guys running amok! Help!

When their buddies arrive, they find the hidden map.

By the camera view of the camera, Jennifer doesn't seem believe anything going on.

While they were gone, Snyder found old tunnels under the city leading outside. He wants to shut them down. Will says noooo. Wait! We'll set a trap and catch people. Little does he know that not only is is wife in the Resistance, but his son is often traipsing around under the wall.

Katie is planning an attack on the guy who will evaluate Snyder.

Maddie's employer is happy and will need an assistant curator.

Katie has set up a shooting range in the basement of the Yonk.

Will wonders later if Katie would leave everything behind if it meant they could get back to the way things were. He seems to be considering leaving for the free world.

Proxy Snyder goes to the gallery. He'll believe Nolan's wife did it all on her own, hiding the art from their hosts, only if Nolan says so. Yep. Hmmm.

Bram is filling up flashlights with batteries. Katie tells him she's fighting in the Resistance without telling him. He's not all that receptive. Katie goes in to talk with Gracie and sees the book. It's in graphic novel format. Gracie gets very agitated when it's taken from her.

Will comes home. He wants to leave. Now. He wants the entire family to go with Beau to Big Bear. He'll go save Charlie and meet them there. This results in a giant fight. The one we've been waiting to arrive.

Nolan gives Snyder the proposal. It's real. Snyder says they have a fight ahead. Nolan says he's ready.

Will meets up with Beau. They won't be going with him, but he should take the chance and get the hell out of here. Beau takes his leave.

Katie and Broussard are in the subway. Honestly? The Resistance is too damn small. But killing? It comes easily to Katie.

There appears to be a robot on the train they blew up.


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Colony Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Katie: Seems simple enough.
Broussard: It's not. This isn't about making a split second decision to save your husband's life. It's about being able to walk up to a complete stranger and kill them. That's why you need to put your emotions aside.

Nolan: But Alan, as far as I know, everyone up here is fully behind you.
Snyder: With daggars in hand.