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Packs of wild kids are running amok in Santa Monica, robbing a homeless man. One of them is Charlie. There are Red Hats there.

Jennifer knocks at Will's door. The Resistance kidnapped a VIP. All hands on deck. She wonders why she is on the outside. When they screw up, it will blow back on her. Will says she's on the outside so that when they screw up, it won't blow back on her.

Helena has called a meeting. The Governor General was attacked and abducted. A host. Will wants to know where Snyder is. Helena says she'll be handling this personally.

Katie and the gang cover up the VIP, which is now dead, to get him out of the tunnel.

Will wants to get the family into the green zone. Maddie can do it thanks to Nolan, she tells Will. Will gets the phone number from Bram and calls.

The line to get into the green zone is hell. Bram takes off, but Maddie gets her and the two younger kids in.

The entire city is on lockdown. Meanwhile, Katie and friends stop a Red Hat vehicle with a body in a wrap and overtake it. Seems a little unlikely.

Snyder gets to a house full of earthy types looking for Cynthia, his daughter. How entirely unexpected. She's very embarrassed. He's out as Proxy. Things are about to get bad. He's giving her a transit pass before the city is plunged into the dark ages so she can get out. She won't take it.

Nolan welcomes his guests. He's frightened. He has to choose a side, but doesn't know who will be ascending.

Jennifer shows Will the video of Broussard and Katie. He heads out to find the VIP.

As Katie and friends drive around with the body, drones fly and buildings explode. Snyder can't believe it's happening. He asks Helena who will replace him. She doesn't know.

The Resistance gets back to their lair. The body in the Faraday cage, the gang talks about whether they should keep it or not. The phone rings. It's Will. She pretends it's Bram in front of the group. Will says they're in the green zone. He doesn't call again.

Will asks Jennifer to track the number. It's in their building. He shows her the code book.

The Resistance gets ready to cut open the host's suit. The blades break. It won't work.

Jennifer and Will look at some messages from the Resistance and find the English Dude. He lived in a loft. They get his address. Will wants to save Katie. Can he have 20 minutes?

Snyder goes to Nolan. He wants him to use an emergency plan...take it to Helena and get her to use it. It worked in another block and the hosts were pleased. Nolan doesn't agree to it. He does some winking and lip clicking.

Will arrives at the loft just as Thora realizes she can get the com devices on the suit to do the brute force for them.

Will has less than 20 minutes, he give Katie next to none. Broussard wants to give the others five. She decides to break the cage. The body starts emitting and the drones come. Katie and Will are in with the body together. He nods his head, she gets her bag and leaves.

A helicopter lands and the body is taken away. He tells Jennifer nobody was inside but the dead body.

Snyder gives Will the transit pass. Go find your son.

Nolan becomes the Chief of Staff to the next Governor General. He's brought Lindsey to make the kids feel more at home. Oh goodie.

Bram and his teacher are walking through the wall. They caught in the sting.

The Red Hats come for Proxy Snyder. Will is only halfway through the wall at the time. Jennifer notices his desk is cleared off. Katie looks for Will and the kids. There is no one home but her. There is a camera in the kitchen, watching her.

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Colony Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Nolan: I've got to pick a side, I just don't want to pick the wrong one.
Maddie: Then you support everyone until you absolutely have to choose.

During the Arrival, two of our Hosts were killed in Dallas. That city is now a flat sheet of glass.