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The red hats are going out on a job. One of the hats is recording the experience. They take a teacher who was using Ray Bradbury for class, and when one of the students stands up for her, whack him good. The red hat who was recording? Broussard.

Maddie is getting made up and ready for her day. Shes giving her son insulin.

Broussard tracks all of hats movements on a whiteboard.

At the office, Phyllis has a whiteboard of her own that she shares with Will. She thinks the resistance groups are working separately and if they band together it will cause problems. She correlates them to the Iraq war and the insurgents over there. If thy had shot the first five people who looted the National Museum, could they have saved a million other lives? There's no version of an effective resistance. Just misguided idealism that leads to death and despair.

The search for Geronimo continues and Katie lets a bomb go off at her place to throw off suspicion. Instead, Will throws it at Jennifer.

Phyllis talks to Katie personally at Homeland Security.

Maddie is working on temp jobs. She got an administrative pull.

Phyllis scares the shit out of Katie by telling her how intrusive she's just made her neighbors in her life by pulling a stunt like she did.

Phyllis notes to Will that she knows they lie. They lie about the greatness of their hosts, they regurgitate them out of fear, to protect themselves. When lying becomes this pervasive, it becomes harder to see the truth. She shows Will Bram's tapes of Geronimo. She's not logging them into the system. She allows him to fix what's going on with his family.

He discovers from Bram how Geronimo lets people know he'll be on the air. The posters. He and his team soon track the next Geronimo

Katie is going to point out a photo of Phyllis. While sorting through photos to Quayle, she sees not only Phyllis, but Ally Walker. Who will she be? She asks again for a guarantee for her family. She gets it.

Geronimo starts broadcasting. Will and the team are on the run.

Will doesn't think the guy they caught is the head of the insurgency. Yeah, he's the one doing radio broadcasts, but not leading the rebels. Snyder is upset since he already delivered the information "upstairs" through Helena. Phyllis trusts Will's instincts that he's not the guy. She thinks it's progress, however.

Meanwhile, Maddie is working with an art dealer. They seem to pilfer houses and redistribute the art. She has inside knowledge due to working in a gallery previously.

Will and Beau find a pipe to the green zone.

Maddie meets her new employer's husband, who appears to take an interest in her. Uh oh!

Phyllis destroyed Bram's tapes. She says it's a shame how few people we have who we can really trust, isn't it?

Will almost suspects Katie when he notices a family photo missing from the spot on the wall where the bomb hit, but he finds it in a cupboard and is appeased.

Bram wishes Will wasn't so good at his job when it came to Geronimo.

Phyllis, however, isn't so easily fooled. She heads over to the Yonk to have a drink with Katie.

Phyllis tells Katie about an affair she had when she was stationed overseas. Will reminds her of Ed. Smart, competent, driven, funny. And so in love with his wife that he doesn't see her for what she is. She pushes a file over to Katie. It's full of photos of the day Katie robbed the truck. She "turns" Katie to her side.

Phyllis is going home. She has an alarm system. Snyder is as expected. Today was a misstep. She has a new asset she thinks will be very valuable. Their perception of time makes that unpredictable. She goes to see her husband. He's in a coma, hooked up to medical equipment. It appears he has had a stroke.

Broussard is in her room. She asks that he kill her husband too.


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Colony Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

There's no version of an effective resistance. There's just misguided idealism that leads to death and despair.


Homeland Security is speaking to your neighbors, letting all of them know that if anything happens to you and your family, everyone will be held personally responsible.