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Colony Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Fallout

Colony Review: Fallout

On Colony Season 2 Episode 6, Bram gets a visitor at labor camp while his parents discover something has gone very wrong within the resistance cell.
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Colony Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Sublimation

Colony Review: Sublimation

It was one of the greatest days for the Bowman family on Colony Season 2 Episode 3, but some others didn't make out so well. Find out why in our review.
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Colony Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Somewhere Out There

Colony Review: Somewhere Out There

On Colony Season 2 Episode 2, we're given our first glimpse of "The Greatest Day," and I'm more confused than ever. Oh, and Charlie's back! Rejoice.
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23 TV Shows You MUST Watch This Season

23 TV Shows You MUST Watch This Season

It's the time of year when every show you have ever dreamed about that isn't already on TV will be, so check out our list of what you want to watch next.
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