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Max is brought in with a pulmonary embolism, which bumps him to the top of the transplant list. Ariel doesn't deal well with the reality of his situation, and Owen is upset that she's not stepping up. Leanne tries to talk to her and explain that even though it's scary and painful that Max might die, she'll regret it if she doesn't see him. She eventually comes around, and before Max heads in for the transplant, they declare their love for one another. Unfortunately, Max doesn't make it through the surgery. Ariel blames Leanne and remains angry with her foster mother until she sees Leanne comforting Owen about his loss. She remains despondent but accepts Leanne's comfort as they leave the hospital. 

Elliot's deposition doesn't go well, and he's angry with all lawyers, including his patient. The law student was brought in by a friend after she got out of hand at brunch and was complaining about some pain. It turns out she has pancreatitis, but she isn't interested in her diagnosis beyond the possibility of getting some painkillers -- she has a party to be at that night and isn't missing it for anything. Elliot continues to connect with the friend. He's surprised to find out that Lana is also in law school, but despite his recent disgust with lawyers, he asks her out anyway. 

Rox drives Ethan and Martin to the funeral of one of Robert's fellow soldiers. Ethan is shocked to find out that the man killed himself; it's the third suicide in the unit. After spotting Robert's best friend, Damon, at the funeral, Ethan hunts him down at his motel. Martin isn't happy about this. Not only does he see the trend of suicide and PTSD as a weakness and a failure, but he refuses to hear anything negative about his younger son. Ethan's conversation with Damon doesn't go well. He finds out that the unit accidentally slaughtered a building full of children in pursuit of a target. Robert knew that intel had been spotty for weeks leading up to the mission, but made the order anyway. After this revelation, Damon pulls out a gun and tries to shoot himself. Ethan tackles him and then treats his skull fracture. With Rox and Martin's help, they get him to the local hospital. Ethan visits Damon after his treatment, and the younger man credits the doctor for saving his life. But when Ethan offers further help, he dismisses him. He tells Ethan that he was damaged before the war just like Robert and there's nothing Ethan can do to help him, just like with Robert. Back at the house, Ethan tries to tell Martin what he found out but it doesn't go well. Martin slaps him before he can finish the story and then denounces him, claiming he has no more sons. 

Noa and Mario treat a couple who are injured in a biking accident. The wife has become a fitness and diet addict after gaining a substantial amount of weight in the five years since their wedding. She projects her low self-esteem and assumes that her husband isn't interested in her anymore. In reality, he's just unhappy about how unhappy she is, which is why he's pushed her towards exercise. Noa reveals her past with eating disorders to the patient, which prompts the woman to have a frank discussion with her husband. Inspired by this, Noa comes clean about why she didn't want to move in with Mario -- she was afraid to tell him she is infertile. After clearing the air, she agrees to move in with him after all. 

Angus decides to perform a cardiac cutdown in the ER when the standard draining of pericardial effusion isn't working for a patient. Mario has his doubts at first but is impressed with his friend's confidence. So is Campbell. 


Code Black
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Code Black Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

She doesn't want to see him because it hurts too much. You have to teach her it'll hurt more not to.

Jesse [to Leanne]

Leanne: How'd you get him to change his mind?
Ariel: I told him someone else asked me.
Jesse: Doesn't matter how old you are, women got the same tricks.