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Mario and Angus fight over a job as a university basketball team's assistant physician, but the argument is really rooted in Mario's jealousy over Angus' more privileged life and Angus' desire to please his father. After getting a set down from Leanne and from Jesse, they work out their differences, which is good, since the job ended up going to Noa.

Rollie refuses to go forward with the deep brain stimulation surgery the specialist is recommending. Jesse tries to talk him into it, but Rollie is stubborn.

Noa and Ethan diagnose a 9 year old autistic girl with cystic fibrosis after figuring out a way to communicate with her -- they use a voice simulator to imitate her phone's voice. Luckily the girl, who only had a 1 in 17000 chance of having CF in the first place, has an exceedingly race mutation that allows her disease to be treated with a new drug. Her mother is finally able to communicate with her when she calls the phone.

Elliot treats a boy who was hit by a stapler thrown by a girl he was teasing. The father is a nightmare, threatening to sue the girl's family, constantly questioning Elliot's diagnoses, and trying to bully the team into an earlier surgery. Before being taken to the OR, the son calls his dad on his behavior. Having seen the light 

Leanne is affected when two of the medevac crew are injured in a crash, and later the pilot dies. The appendicitis patient they were bringing in from a cruise ship ends up with internal bleeding and has to have some of his intestines removed. He ends up developing DIC and it advances too quickly for the docs to treat it. Leanne asks Campbell to send one of the medevacs back to the cruise ship to pick up the man's family for a final goodbye, but he shoots her down. She talks a pilot into going anyway. After the family arrives, the man makes a miraculous recovery. 

Code Black
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Code Black Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Ethan: Look, you're gonna have to cut it short. I was out on a ride along --
Leanne: Another ride along? You need a hobby.
Ethan: Pot, kettle.

Everything Ihave ever gotten in my life, I've had to fight for. You never fought for anything.

Mario [to Angus]