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One of the dead criminals in the club makes a symbol with cocaine before he dies. The symbol is from Voudon.

Tyrone and Tandy listen to their recording; the tape reveals someone breaking into the room and shooting everyone. Brigid makes them leave so that she can clean up the mess; she takes the recorder and the cocaine symbol blows apart.

Tyrone visits Chantelle to explain the cocaine symbol. The marking belongs to Mama Bridgette, one of the death lores in voodoo. The death criminal either called on the symbol to help take him into the afterlife or to seek revenge.

Chantelle warns Tyrone that he needs to get things together. She encourages him to make a prayer to one of the spirits. She begins a marker for Papa Legba, the keeper of the crossroads.

Evita is mad at Tyrone for not talking to her for eight months. She thought he was dead or didn't want to see her again. Tyrone reveals his powers to her, but she's mad that he didn't tell her long before he disappeared.

Tyrone performs a wish for Mama Bridgette; he makes a marker for her. He gets transported to a moving van where Michayla is chained on a stretcher after being drugged. His powers aren't able to free her.

The story reverts back to Tandy's POV after she and Tyrone left the crime scene. Tandy and Melissa hear Michayla discuss her plans to move back in with Jeremy; she's fallen under Jeremy's spell. Tandy lashes out at Michayla and she leaves in tears.

Melissa chastises Tandy for yelling and driving Michayla into Jeremy's arm. After Tandy searches for a missing Michayla, she has an emotional dance session that causes the power to go out.

Andre DuShane leads Tandy to a shelter in search of Michayla. Andre reveals that he's a former musician who lashed out at the world after the music caused him migraines. Tandy talks about her time living in the church.

Tandy experiences a vision of seeing her father. The shock causes her powers to react and she overpowers a car's light.

Brigid enjoys shots at a bar. The POV switches to Brigid during the crime scene at the club. She made the call to the police for them to check the scene, but she didn't give her name.

Brigid's reflection insults her and says that she's taking control of her life.

Brigid gives a detailed explanation of how the attacker killed everyone in the room. The prints from the mystery body in the gangland summit are for Brett, the owner of the liquor store.

Brigid visits the widow and threatens her. The widow reveals that Brett's side business involved storing cars at his salvage yard at the dock.

Andre and Tandy overhear a memorial for the disappearance of 12 young girls. Leah, the counselor, reveals that Michayla was found overdosed with heroin.

Tandy touches Michayla's arm and ends up in the dream world. She sees Michayla being restrained by the person in the van. She and Brigid end up at the salvage yard together.

Brigid and Tandy chase the kidnapper around the yard to his ambulance. Tandy channels a ball of light energy to flip the car. The kidnapper reveals that Michayla was already high, but the criminals are planning to move the rest of the kidnapped girls the following day.

Brigid kills the kidnapper.

Tyrone messes up his drawing of the markings. Evita apologizes to Tyrone for yelling at him when he was trying to tell her the truth. Evita shows him how to breathe and draw the vavae.

Tyrone draws the marking; he and Evita teleport to the hospital to see Michayla. They kiss to hide from the police.

Tyrone finds Brigid tied up in her apartment; they teleport to find Tandy. Tandy and Tyrone discover two Brigids are together in the real world.

Cloak and Dagger
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Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Tyrone: Are you ready?
Evita: For what?
[Tyrone teleports behind her]
Evita: Did I just ... did you just??
Tyrone: That’s what I can do.
Evita: How did you? How long have you been able to do that?
Tyrone: It all started around 6 or 7, but I got better at controlling it around when the city went crazy.
Evita: So, like eight months ago?
[Evita hits Tyrone]
Evita: You serious! You telling me you could just do that this entire time and you didn’t think to come and tell me you were safe?
Tyrone: Evita...
Evita: Tyrone, no! No...
[Evita walks away]

Brigid 2: Pathetic. Look at yourself. Look at yourself! Just absolutely ... pathetic.
Brigid 1: Who are you?
Brigid 2: I always knew that you were weak. Just a scared girl pretending to be brave; pretending to be the police. Well, you’ve had your chance. It’s my turn now.