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A man in a skeleton outfit fixes a pinball machine; he finds a little idol of Tyrone in his cloak costume.

Tandy tries to wake up Tyrone, but he's still unconscious.

The police investigate the crime scene at the hotel. The kidnapped girls aren't talking much. Andre and Lia were released from the police station; they steal a can from an unsuspecting person.

Tandy calls Evita for help; she rushes out of the house. Evita doesn't see Chantelle unconscious on the ground.

Adina visits Delgado at the Sober House. She needs his help to clears Tyrone's name.

Brigid, Tandy, and Evita investigate what's causing Tyrone's excess shadows. Evita thinks that Tyrone is in mid-transition; Tandy deduces this could be linked to Papa Legba.

Evita reveals that Chantelle is "married" to Papa Legba's service.

Evita conducts a ritual to call on Papa Legba's help to allow entrance into the Darkforce. Tandy and Brigid jump into the Darkforce portal.

Tandy pays Papa Legba's price to be transported to an arcade to save Tyrone. Brigid is forced behind to start her own path; she is transported to the mall.

Baron Samedi runs the arcade for Papa Legba. In exchange for freeing Tyrone, Tandy must in convince Tyrone to clear his worries and leave. If not, Tandy will be stuck in the Darkforce.

Adina gives Delgado the proof needed to take down the corrupt cops in New Orleans. She can't do it under law, but a priest will be protected from the questions. Delgado can't help since he's not a priest.

Andre is in withdrawals; he plans to deliver pain to Lia in the record store. When he plays the vinyl, his head gets cleared. He tries opening the locked door, but it is locked. Mayhem stops Brigid from going in the record store.

Evita conducts a reading to see the future, but it delivers bad results.

Tandy and Tyrone play an arcade game called "Duel to D'Spayre," which focuses on a story of them trying to cure radioactive heroin. Their likeness are the characters in the game.

Tandy and Tyrone are transported into the arcade game. They make it to Level 2.

Mayhem shows Brigid the records that belong to all the missing girls. They put the pieces together the the vinyls cause dread for which vinyl is played.

Chantelle had died during her attack with Andre. Chantelle tells Evita that she is the next successor as she has the sight. Evita rejects the offers because she wants to go to medical school and be with Tyrone. But, if she marries a loa and accepts her role, Tyrone will be saved.

Delgado thinks he has a debt to pay and suffer. Adina convinces him to take the file, but she'll need to confess to something first to achieve privilege.

Level 2 involves fighting on a shipping pier. They pass the round and make it to Level 3. Level 3 brings them back to the motel. Tandy and Tyrone have to fight respawning enemies inside motel rooms.

Andre is the villain waiting at the end of Level 3. Tandy teleports out of the arcade game.

Mayhem gives Brigid a manicure. Brigid needs Mayhem's help to takedown Andre; she agrees to let Mayhem take control. Brigid and Mayhem combine to become one person again.

Evita conducts the ceremony to marry a loa and free Tyrone. A wedding procession appears in the church; she finishes the ceremony. Baron Samedi sends Tyrone, Tandy, and Mayhem back to the real world.

Adina reveals in confession to Delgado that she killed Connors after he gave her all the information to save Tyrone.

Andre discovers the musical key for unlocking the sigil. He leaves Lia dead on the side of the road.

Mayhem lights the motel on fire.

Tandy comes home to find empty beer bottles, food, and empty pill bottles around the apartment. Tyrone comforts Tandy.

Cloak and Dagger
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Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Tandy: Why did you come to that motel to try and save me?
Tyrone: Because I couldn’t imagine my life without you.
Tandy: I did. Andre ... he made me see you dying in front of me. And the one person in the whole world who understood me was gone and it was my fault.
Tyrone: He messed with my head too. He made me feel like you never cared about me, like it was all just an act.
Tandy: Maybe you’re right. Maybe it is better to ignore everything? All I know is I’d rather fight a hundred times with you than without you. So if you’re staying here, so am I.

Baron Samedi: Look!
[A bouquet appears in the glass shelf]
Tyrone: Hey, what is that?
Baron Samedi: A wedding bouquet. And you, my boy, are the bride’s price. A life for a life. A bouquet for the cloak.
Tyrone: But I ... I don’t understand.
Baron Samedi: Time for you two to scat and take your friends with you. The missus likes a clean house.
[He snaps his fingers and they teleport away]