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Tandy and Tyrone don't know what happened to Mayhem in the cloaking mist. Tyrone believes Mayhem got sucked into the Darkforce, similar to what happened to Connors. Tandy is mad at Tyrone for not jumping back into his life with Connors gone.

Tandy wants to head into the Darkforce to find Mayhem. Tyrone reluctantly agrees, but Tandy will need to make him afraid.

One of the kidnappers calls a number to inform him that Tyrone broke up their operation.

Tandy makes Tyrone think about Connors being freed; he emits his shadows. Tandy ventures into the Darkforce. All she sees is darkness, a pile of coins, and the gas station.

Adina goes through newspaper clippings when Tyrone shows up at the house. She puts away her gun and hugs him.

Tandy finds a child version of Tyrone in the darkness; Papa Legba took on the form of Tyrone to lead Tandy. He reveals that the only way for them to escape is through the "Gauntlet of Transactions."

Tandy sacrifices her white dagger to get a coin with the Cloak and Dagger symbol on it. She's able to look through the telescope; she ends up at the Esplanade. The catch, however, is that Tyrone's powers disappeared too as the criminals came to get him and Adina.

Tandy finds Mayhem in the dark mall. Mayhem spurns Tandy's offer to work together in getting out of the Darkforce.

Brigid hides folder of evidence when the cops plan to investigate Tyrone's house.

In the mall, Tandy stands in front of mirrors that show all the different versions of herself; Mayhem has no reflection.

Tyrone lashes out at Adina. They go on the run as both the cops and drug members search for them.

Mayhem and Tandy discover several cloaked figures that look like Tyrone in one of the camping stores. Mayhem thinks Connors set up the figures.

In the Darkforce mall, the record stores has vinyls with cover art of all the missing girls.

Tyrone tells Adina the legend of The Casket Girls; girls from France who were transported to New Orleans under false pretenses of marriage. Mayhem tells Tandy the story of the recent missing girls.

Mayhem and Tandy discover Tandy's own collection of vinyls. They open one of the brand new, unopened records. A cover of "Baby One More Time" plays and the scene changes to the past of Melissa arguing with her husband.

After Tyrone tells Adina about Evita and Tandy, one of the gang members hold Adina and Tyrone at gunpoint.

Solomon, the kid Tyrone saved from the gunfire, is holding them hostage. Adina and Tyrone convince him not to shoot, but the gang members have swarmed the place.

Tandy's second vinyl shows a memory of her as a kid colouring her book as her parents yell in the distance. Tandy's third vinyl shows a memory of her as a kid leaving as she hears her father slap her mother.

To save himself and Adina, Tyrone calls Brigid to turn himself into the police.

Tandy smashes her final vinyl; Mayhem has disappeared. She knocks out Connors as he's about to put up another memorial. Mayhem tries to hang him with a rope, but Tandy saves his life when she pulls out the white dagger.

Tandy inadvertently brought Connors back into the real world when she held onto his police badge.

Cloak and Dagger
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Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Tyrone: What if I’m not afraid of you?
[Tandy raises her white dagger]
Tandy: You always have been at some level.
[She throws the dagger at Tyrone]
Tyrone: Nah, I’m probably the only person on this earth who knows the real you.
Tandy: You know what I’ve been through, what I’m capable of, but it goes both ways. I see your darkness too.

Tandy: Are you alright?
Papa Legba: I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. What about you?
Tandy: I don’t know. I walked through this door that my friend made.
Papa Legba: Tyrone. Your divine pairing.
Tandy: So, you get that channel?
Papa Legba: We get all the channels.
Tandy: So that means you’re not fun-size Tyrone?
Papa Legba: Nope.
Tandy: So, what’s your name?
Papa Legba: I have too many. I am that which stands at the crossroads. St. Peter. Faterbon. Papa Legba.