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A flashback shows a young Mina and her dad baking cookies together. Ivan Hess travels to the oil rig and he's upset that important tiles weren't delivered to the station. An alarm is sounded.

Tandy takes Tyrone to the catatonic Ivan Hess in the hospital. She begs him to look into Ivan's fears to find out the truth. They both touch Ivan with their hope and fear touch powers.

Tyrone touches the shadow door and it transports them to a nightmare world of the oil rig. An employee of the rig is infected and tries to kill them.

Tandy and Tyrone run to a room to find Ivan Hess lucid and alive. Ivan can't remember his name; he acts erratically and crazy. Ivan warns them that the rig is going to explode and that everyone is dangerous.

The pair plot to shut down the rig to save their lives; they need to hit the kill switch in the core and shut off the valves. The crazed employees try attacking them, but Tandy and Tyrone stop them. They're transported back to the beginning.

Ivan Hess informs the pair that they're trapped in a loop; they're doomed to repeat the same experience of the employees going crazy.

Tandy tells Ivan that he's been trapped in a catatonic state for eight years, but he doesn't believe her. He doesn't believe that he has a daughter either.

The person who's been calling Ivan in the dream is Nathan Bowen. The phone rings again and Tandy picks it up; she speaks to her father.

Tyrone witnesses the employees get infected from the strange explosion. The employees swarm him and he teleports to a different part of the oil rig.

Tandy waits for the phone to call her back so that she can speak to her father. She tells Nathan that she misses him and just wants to talk.

Tyrone shuts off the values, but it doesn't work. Tandy and Tyrone are brought back to the beginning of the loop. They agree to leave Ivan's mind, but Tandy tricks Tyrone and stays behind. He's unable to break her grasp and goes back in.

Tandy isn't the same when Tyrone returns to the mind; she forgot about him completely. He tries to convince her to go back, but she chastises him for everything. She doesn't want to go.

Tandy has been trapped in the loop over 200 times before Tyrone came back.

Tandy tries killing Tyrone with the white dagger after he disconnected the phone. He wants Tandy to tell her father all about how bad her life became after he died.

Tyrone begs Tandy to ask Nathan a question only he would know about her. She asks who's in the backseat of his car; he says no one. Tandy realizes that the man on the phone isn't her father; he's only a memory in Ivan's mind.

Tandy convinces Ivan to eat the cookie so that he'll remember Mina. He remembers and needs help to reset the core. Tyrone and Tandy agree to help him stop the crazed workers.

Ivan shuts off the values and resets the core. He is freed from his catatonic state and returns to the real world; he doesn't remember anything.

Mina is overjoyed with her father's return.

Tyrone searches through his memento box to find a tape machine. He calls Tandy to talk about it since he knew she would understand.

The tape is of Billy and a younger Tyrone doing beatbox sounds and rapping.

Cloak and Dagger
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Cloak and Dagger Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Ivan: “Eye of newt, toe of frog, wool of bat, and leg of dog.”
Mina: Tongue, Dad. The quote is “tongue of dog,” not leg.
Ivan: Is that the reason why my witch’s brew never works?
Mina: That, and magic doesn’t exist.
Ivan: Well, what do you call turning flour, sugar, and water into that?
[He points at the cookies]
Mina: Delicious chemistry.

Tandy: Daddy, are you there?
Nathan: I’m here pumpkin.
Tandy: I can’t believe it’s you.
Nathan: Why are you surprised? You see me every day.
Tandy: Not anymore.
Nathan: What do you mean?
Tandy: It’s just... that you’ve been working so much, I feel like I don’t get to see you. I miss it. I miss our talks, our long car rides. I even miss your bad jokes.
Nathan: Well, I’m here right now. What do you want to talk about?
Tandy: It doesn’t matter. I just want to talk. Is that ok?
Nathan: Absolutely.
Tandy: Tell me about your day.
Nathan: You don’t want to hear about all that boring science stuff, do you?
Tandy: Yeah, I do. I really do. I promise.