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Evita's aunt (the voodoo priestess) conducts a reading on Evita to determine the energy surrounding Tyrone and what's happening in the city.

Tyrone watches Duane and his girlfriend walk into the factory.

Mina is complaining to someone in French. Tandy lies about being an interm sent by Carruthers to help Mina. Mina relents and allows her to join.

Tyrone tries to get a job at Duane's factory, but he declines.

A woman leaves the police office angry. A cop asks Detective O'Reilly about  why the people leaving the precient are mad at her. He doesn't want her to put everyone's life at risk to hunt down Connors.

Tyrone follows the man from the factory. He gets cornered in the alley with a gun pointed to his neck. The guy threatens Tyrone to never follow him again.

Evita's aunt warns her that trouble is coming to the city. She thinks the next story revolving the twin curse could involve Tyrone.

Tyrone visits Tandy at the church to get advice with his case. Tandy thinks Tyrone should steal the job from the drug dealer. Tyrone has hope that Tandy could have a better life with Mina's help.

Mina is currently living at the abandoned amusement park.

Detective O'Reilly shows Connors her investigation into the drug dealing. She's tracked down the path with the club girls to where the leader could be.

"The Divine Pairing" are the tales that connect the dolls together. They're positive that Tyrone is one of the pairs.

Mina and Tandy go wading through a swamp. They bond over a tale of a bee.

Detective O'Reilly and Connors break up a group of teens who they think are drug dealers. Tyrone keeps hiding and slips away without being seen.

Mina reveals to Tandy that the oil rig was pumping liquid that was ten times hotter than natural oil. The pumps couldn't handle it and they blew.

Connors beats up one of the drug dealers and he tells him to deliver a message to his boss that he needs to speak with him.

Mina goes to check on a pipe that is overheating in the swamp. Tandy discovers that the crew built it in the wrong spot; Mina plans to reinstall it.

Tyrone looks into the fears of the drug dealer.

Evita's aunt warns that they can't stop what is coming.

Tyrone returns the bag of drugs to Duane. He convinces him to go on a run together to determine if he agrees to go in deeper.

Mina tells Tandy about their fathers. A bee lands on Tandy and she blows it away.

Connors gets Duane to meet up at night to discuss the drug dealing. He also gets Brigid O'Reilly to join him in taking down the drug dealer.

Duane is concerned about Tyrone. He doesn't want to do the drug dealing, but he does it to survive.

Mina knows that Tandy is lying. She knows that she's Tandy.

Evita's aunt warns Evita that the pattern will repeat itself: Either Tyrone or Tandy will die while the other will live.

Duane knows that Tyrone is lying about everything; he reveals that he was there that night Billy got shot. He doesn't want to tell the truth because it will get him killed.

Connors and Detective O'Reilly arrive at the factory. Connors wants Duane to shoot Brigid to death, but Brigid arrives and shoots to kill when Duane pulls out a gun.

Mina visits her father at the hospital; he's in a catatonic state. Tandy surprises her at the hospital to apologize. Tandy uses her hope powers to look into his mind; she walks to a door, but she's blocked off by a mysterious shadow.

Tyrone makes a run for it when Connors is chasing him. His power teleports him to the church as Connors shoots at him.

Tyrone breaks down in tears in front of Tandy in the church.

Cloak and Dagger
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Cloak and Dagger Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Evita: So, we’re doing a reading?
[Shuffles cards]
Clarisse: How go things with that boy of yours?
Evita: He’s not mine.
Clarisse: He’s yours enough.
Evita: Is this your way of having the talk? Because you’re kinda predicting the past.
[She spits water from a bottle]
Clarisse: This reading aint for you. It’s for this city of ours.
Evita: What’s wrong with the city?
Clarisse: S*** goes down from time to time.
[They cleanse with water]
Clarisse: I aint smelling sex on you, but a connection to a power. A power I felt in that boy.
Evita: What does Tyrone have to do with anything?
Clarisse: I don’t know yet, that’s what the reading is for.

Fuchs: Not asking questions has been my thing because you’ve made it clear that you don’t want them asked.
Brigid: And I like that about you.
Fuchs: Be prepared to like me less.
[Awkward silence]
Fuchs: People in this city turn a blind eye and deaf ear to things out of convenience. And the people in this station house are people too, but you are forcing them to pay attention,
Brigid: Well, that’s kinda the point.
Fuchs: I know you know whose attention you’re coming after.
Brigid: And what? You reckon that it won’t work?
Fuchs: No, I’m concerned that it might. Connors is flammable. Don’t play with fire.