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A flashback shows one of the past divine pairings that led to the creation of New Orleans. The scene is of two Native American children, one child sacrifices herself to help the village. Evita places the new dolls of Tyrone and Tandy on the shelf with the other dolls.

Tandy distracts the watercooler assassin long enough for Melissa to stab her and Tandy to slice her leg. The assassin makes a run for it.

Otis gives Tyrone the cloak that belonged to Billy. He tells Tyrone to run far away from New Orleans and never contact them again; he knows that Tyrone didn't kill Fuchs.

A Terror attacks Tandy outside of Mina's home; she stabs the man with the white blade. She stops a Roxxon Corp executive before he kills Mina. Tandy saves Mina's life and tells her about the power that's infecting people.

Mina warns that nine other values around New Orleans are about to blow. They need to get to Roxxon Corp to stop them all from blowing up.

Tyrone disappears into the crowd during Mardi Gras as the police are hunting him down. Brigid arrives to help him, but the police apprehend them both.

A flashback shows another divine pairings scene where a pair of brothers conducts a dual. After a brother dies, a storm stops in town.

Mina has changed after Tandy stole her hope; Tandy tries to convince her to believe again.

Brigid and Tyrone are held in a cage at the station; Tyrone can't produce his powers to get them out. They both try to convince the cop on duty to help them escape and not listen to Connors.

Peter Scarborough destroys his hard drives and plans to escape the city. Mina and Tandy find him in the elevator; he knows that the core is about to blow. Tandy manipulates his hopes into becoming the infected ship.

Terrors break into the police station and start infecting the police officers.

A flashback to another divine pairing shows a maiden getting an important message from a dying soldier. Chantelle states that for the divine pairings to stop an impending devastation, one must live while the other must die.

People in New Orleans are getting infected by the Terrors. Both the watercooler assassin and Mina get infected.

Tyrone traps the Terrors in the police station in an office. He transports to Tandy and stuns Mina.

A flashback to another divine pairing shows a doctor giving up his blood to heal his lover and dying from the plague. All of the patients of the plague in New Orleans were instantly cured.

Evita tells Tandy and Tyrone the curse of the divine pairing. She realizes Tyrone will die due to the mark on his arm.

Tandy gives Tyrone Billy's hoodie as his new cloak since his old one got shredded. Tandy and Tyrone fight through a group of Terror.

Connors catches up with Brigid and shoots her repeatedly, as well as hitting one of the energy pipes. He pushes her body into the river.

Chantelle conducts a prayer with the dolls.

Tyrone and Tandy stop Connors from shooting them. After Connors admits that he is really afraid, Tyrone's powers react and swallow him into the shadow.

Tyrone offers to sacrifice himself to stop the core and save everyone. Tandy refuses, but he teleports to the core to turn it off. She breaks into the room and they both team up to stop it.

They combine their powers to stop the explosion and protect New Orleans. Lights shoot up into the sky.

The watercooler assassin finds Peter Scarborough stuck a coma of his fear.

Adina finds Tyrone's stuff missing from his room. He makes the church his new hideout.

Tandy returns home to Melissa. A newspaper article shows that Roxxon is exposed for being responsible.

Tandy delivers a care package to Tyrone.

Brigid emerges from the swamp. She has changed from the energy pipe.

Cloak and Dagger
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Cloak and Dagger Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Mina: What the hell happened to him?!
Tandy: He turned into a Terror.
Mina: A what?!
Tandy: Mina, listen, eight years ago on the rig that stole our dads, the entire crew went crazy just like this guy did.
Mina: No, that’s not true. The reports from the rig…
Tandy: Scarborough lied into getting you back in there to extract whatever had that power. That power made people crazy, it turned their adrenaline up to a 22. Your dad called them “Terrors.”
Mina: Yeah, well, he always did have a knack for accurate nomenclature.

Tandy: I gotta go.
Melissa: Where are you going?
Tandy: I need to go help some people.
Melissa: Why you?
[Tandy hugs and kisses Melissa’s cheek]
Tandy: Why not?