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The episode kicks off with Atwater being questioned on whether or not he wants to change his original statement against Doyle. 

Atwater is adamant that he doesn't since he told the truth -- Doyle was the aggressor. 

This means the two gang bangers who shot and killed Doyle, in self-defense, as Atwater claims -- are off the hook on murder charges. 

Kenny promises Voight that Atwater will pay for breaking the blue wall, a code between brothers. 

Atwater begins to get paranoid as he sees a cop car speed off and thinks they did something to his car. 

His paranoia turns out to be accurate as Ruzek finds heroin planted in his trunk. Atwater keeps it to himself and destroys the evidence. 

Voight meets with the new Deputy Superintendent Samantha, who informs him that he needs to play by the rules if he wants to keep his job. 

Voight excuses himself to respond to a shooting of a 5-year-old girl. 

The girl, Laura, was taken to Med in critical condition after getting by a stray bullet. 

As Intelligence works to solve the case, they realize that the shooting was connected to a church where Father Allende was hiding money for a gang banger. 

Someone found out about the money and forced him to open the safe at gunpoint. He did and then quickly realized the gang banger would blame him, so he ran after the masked robber and attacked him. 

The robber shot at him twice, missing both times. Sadly, the bullet hit Laura. 

Intelligence is able to pinpoint the gang banger's baby momma as the getaway car. They realize her boyfriend, Miguel, was the one who stole the money and get a search warrant for his house. 

When they get there, Ruzek realizes they've been made and they enter without announcing themselves. 

They find the money still in the church bag, but they can't use any of the evidence because Samantha informs them that it was tossed for not being legally obtained. 

Voight is frustrated and threatens to throw Miguel in the cage, but Atwater informs him they need to do better. 

Atwater is behind the idea of police reform. On his way home, he is stopped by a squad car for allegedly running a stop sign. 

When the cops, a Black and a white cop, get violent with him, he gets out of the car to prove that he's a police officer. 

That's when the Black cop tells him there was an anoynmous tip that he was buying heroin. Atwater informs him that he already got rid of the planted evidence. 

Voight asks about the altercation and once again tries to convince Atwater to change his statement. 

Atwater refuses. 

When Voight threatens to take Miguel to the cage, Atwater calls him out. Voight responds by calling him a Boy Scout in a heated altercation that Ruzek tries to diffuse. 

Voight watches Miguel get released without any charges. He drives to his house later in the evening with a gun and gloves but opts against shooting him. 

Atwater arrives home and is ambushed by a group of men from Doyle's crew. They leave him beat up in the street. 

Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 1 Quotes

Voight: Atwater did what he thought was right.
Kenny: No. He crossed the line. Blue wall is there to keep us together. It keeps us safe. It's a bible, our Ten Commandments. You of all people know that, Hank. If someone chooses to violate that code, he's gotta pay the price. Way it's always been. Way it always will be.

Woman: So, I've been reviewing evidence in the Doyle homicide case and I just wanted to touch base with you one more time.
Atwater: I'm not sure what you're asking.
Woman: I'm asking if there's anything you would like to add or modify.
Atwater: No. I stand by my original statement.