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Burgess starts her first day at dispatch. 

She gets a call from a woman who is breathing heavily and knows in her gut that something isn't right.

She sends officers there to do a follow-up and isn't satsified with their report. 

When she asks them about it, they blame her pregnancy hormones for making her want to do a "follow-up" and assure her everything was fine. 

Burgess and Platt do a follow-up anyway and find blood all over the inside of the apartment. 

When they check out the garage to see why the elevator isn't working, they find George, the man who lives in the house dead after a struggle. 

The responding officers arrive on the scene and realize the woman they spoke to wasn't George's wife, Anne. 

Further investigation reveals a huge sex trafficiking ring in the Midwest. 

The two women who were in the house at the time of the murder are revealed to be working with a pimp named Daniel. 

The hunt to bring down the ring begins, but first, Intelligence has to find the perfect time to take them down. 

They follow the van with all the girls and wait until the nighttime to make their move. 

They successfully save 18 girls, but Daniel and the girl that made the 9-1-1 call aren't there. 

At the hospital, they speak to the girls and find out Victoria, who was at the apartment, helps Daniel recruit. 

She admits that Baby needed to be broken after she called the cops so Daniel killed George and took Baby to a secret location to teach her a lesson. 

All Victoria reveals is that the location is a motel, so Intelligence begins checking every motel in the area. 

Burgess joins in despite being relegated to desk duty when she gets a call from dispatch and is patched through to Baby, who is calling from a bathroom while pretending to take a shower. 

Burgess makes her way there, but when she arrives on site everyone is 3 minutes out. 

She hears Daniel attacking Baby and rushes in.

She tries to shoot him but loses control of the gun and gets severely beat by Daniel.

She successfully resuscitates Baby, but unfortunately, her baby suffers. 

Ruzek runs in and carries his baby momma out. At the hospital, they find out she lost the child. 

Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 13 Quotes

Voight: So, what do we got?
Platt: What we got is no idea.

Burgess: So whatever you remember can help me...
Mira: Help you save them?
Burgess: Yeah.
Mira: You can't save them. They're already gone.