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The Chicago Fire team shows the Intelligence Unit a badly charred corpse in the wreckage of a house while Rixton and Olinsky discover another victim still alive, although he dies at Chicago Med.  Things get murky fast when the body is revealed not to be that of the house's resident, and Atwater and Rixton learn that the second victim came from an LGBT home next door to the explosion site.

The charred body has a watch and wedding ring that are traced back to a Jane Framingham. Jane confirms that they're her husband's, but thought he was in New York. Intelligence discovers that he's really a con artist named Curt Forester who was living a double life with another woman named Roxanne Cabrera.

Roxanne's gun is missing from her home and that makes her brother the prime suspect. But Platt helps a homeless man whose rambling contains a clue to the identity of the real victim. Jane and Curt are both arrested as the body is revealed as that of another homeless man just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Meanwhile, while Lindsay and Halstead are at the firing range, another officer tells them to "watch their back" around Rixton. Halstead finds out that Rixton's colleagues in the Gang Unit are being indicted.

Voight tells Rixton not to say anything even as Antonio informs Lindsay that Rixton is the only person not being charged. Halstead eventually confronts Rixton, which leads to a brief argument before Voight intervenes. The team eventually apologizes to Rixton, as Voight explains that the indictments were for the rest of the Gang Unit for delivering a payback beating to a man who hurt the sister of one of their members.

And Ruzek finally returns from his undercover gig, sharing a kiss with Burgess.

Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Torching the place is one way to get out of paying the rest of your lease.


I'm warning you. Lose the grin, or I will lose it for you.