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Voight brings Eddie on as a CI. He provides infel on a drug target, Jensen. 

They raid a motorcycle gang on Eddie's intel and find drugs and stolen merchandise. 

Platt is trying to get her deposit back on the ballroom for the wedding. 

Platt puts Burgess and Roman on returning the recovered stolen merchandise to their rightful owners. 

Burgess' mom is flying in to meet Ruzek's dad, but Ruzek says his dad can't make it. 

A man posing as FBI goes to Eddie's house. He shoots him, and Voight lets him lie about his involvement. 

Intelligence raids another drug operation with help from Eddie. 

Burgess and Roman return a bracelet to an old man that belonged to his wife. 

Eddie convinces Voight to take a run at Jensen because he needs the money.

Dawson is concerned that Voight has side deal with Eddie. Voight tells him how Eddie saved his life in prison. 

Eddie and Voight make a deal with Jensen.

Eddie makes the deal and Halstead and Olinsky arrest Jensen. 

Eddie pulls a gun on Voight, wanting to keep the money for himself. 

Voight was prepared for the betrayal, and Antonio was there to arrest him. 

Voight wants to give the CI money to Eddie's family. 

Burgess returns her engagement ring to Ruzek. 






Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Voight: He's helping us take down a priority target. You got a problem with that?
Dawson: I have a problem with using this unit to pay off an old prison debt.

Roman: You see this is why I've never been engaged.
Platt: Huh, and here I thought it was on account of you being a heartless jag-off.
Roman: Hey, I've been in love many times. They just all turn out to be crazy.