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Burgess returns back to work and is shocked to be put on front desk in place of Platt, who goes with Roman. She gives him a pep talk as he still feels guilty about what happened to Burgess.

Lindsay's first case with the DEA involves a mole who is kidnapped when the DEA close in. They have no idea if she's dead or alive, but when her daughter and brother file a missing persons report, Lindsay makes a personal attachment to the case and attempts to calm the brother.

Lindsay calls in her old team who help track down Mendoza. Halstead visits his ex who reluctantly tells him Mendoza is using cars to transport the money to Mexico. The team attempts to track them down.

After a high speed police chase Mendoza is run off the road and Kylie is saved. Kylie asks Lindsay for the money she was promised. Lang informs Lindsay the case will be reviewed and there is a chance she won't get anything. Lindsay is annoyed as he didn't tell her that in the beginning.

Halstead tells Lindsay they don't work in the same building anymore. Later, Lindsay arrives at his house and the two of them get passionate.

Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Platt: You sure you're ready to be back so quick?
Burgess: Yeah, I'm fine.

Cassie: Thought you were the delivery guy.
Halstead: Wish I was.