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Lindsay is getting ready for work and notices a picture of Nadia on the fridge. She leaves the house and shows up at the crime scene.

A bomb has gone off in a cafe and the team try to figure out what really happened, but they find it difficult when a young girl saw something, but her mother won't allow her to speak to the police.

After several attempts by Halstead, the mother eventually lets him speak to her and he takes the news back to Voight.

When they investigate, it appears that the cafe owner killed his wife 8 years ago and then changed his name and got paid $250,000. Voight hauls him in for questioning, but he continually denies all of the allegations. Vought hits him and says that he will give him a plea deal and the man takes it. 

Platt is less than impressed with the bureau when they refuse to give Nadia a memorial. Vought steps in and threatens Gerorge, who quickly changes his mind and the team say an emotional goodbye to their fallen friend.

Atwater finds himself in trouble when a criminal kills himself with his can he left in the room.

Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

Parole officer said he's been picking up day jobs here and there.


Jay: I still can't believe you let me drive.
Lindsay: It's my gift. Well, it's from Nadia.