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Lindsey is speaking with Halstead and informs him that she will be leaving for Bolivia in 24 hours. The two agree to spend the little time they have left together. Halstead is called to a crime scene. 

The scene is a double murder. A mother and daughter are dead and the son is missing. The team finds the dad and he has clothes in his car. He says he didn't kill them. 

Investigations lead to the daughters boyfriend Owen who gives the team a clue about Jordan's whereabouts. He is found with a fatal gunshot wound.

At hospital, he is treated. Voight appears to get an ID on the killer. Jordan ID's him. The killer claims that Owen told him to kill them. 

Owen admits that he told the killer to go to the house, but claims he only told him to scare them as the mum said his daughter is too good for him. 

Ruzek's father appears and it is evident he has a past with Voight. 

Lindsey chaps on Voight's door in the dead of night. She asks him for her job back as the task force isn't all it's cracked up to be. He gives her it back.


Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Bob: What about the guy I gave Voight?
Ruzek: I said we got it. If we need anymore of your help, we'll ask.

My mom heard a noise and told me to hide.