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Chicago PD returns for season 2 with "Call It Macaroni" on Wednesday, September 24th. 

Voight is under the gun for what happened with Jin and his badge is on the line. He's not in the mood for any crap, but he still wants his team to make it home safe.

Burgess gets a new partner and it doesn't start well. Platt told him her name was Tim.

Because of the possibility of police corruption, CPD wasn't told that crucial DNA evidence was being transported for independent testing. Oscar was Olinsky's collar.

Olinsky is totally on his game. The last of the old timers and he's heading for bad guy Oscar who pulled off the heist, so he thinks.

Halstead gives Voight the flash drive Jin sent to him. There's enough to put away Stillwell. Stillwell decides he'll give up Voight for a deal with Internal Affairs. They can walk away and the murder can be unsolved. Who did it?

Burzek! That is all.

Halstead asks the deep, dark questions about Voight of Lindsay. Does she really think she knows everything about this guy?

Jin's mother thanks Voight for helping him fulfill his dream. That was rough. He had always wanted to be a police officer.

Voight turns in evidence on Stillwell. He even had the body drop planned. He then goes and tells his people he was an informant for IA and some respect him and some don't.

Stillwell gives dirt on Voight but Voight is armed with far more than anyone has against him.

Bunny is Lindsay's mother. She's getting married. Lindsay doesn't really care.

Someone pulls Olinsky aside because he's working with Hasltead. 

Sylvie Brett is already hanging with the hot CPD dudes.

Oscar Bembenek out a $100k bounty on Halstead for killing his brother Jacob.

Voight has a safe full of cash, among other things. He gives Jin's dad money to pay off his gambling debts. That's a good reason to use it.

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Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Hey. We all go home tonight.


Do you really think you know everything about this guy?