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The Dawson siblings arrive that Adrian's work. When the go in Antonio  lies and says he spat on him. He is arrested and Antonio and Voight taunt him with matches. The guy gets away but everyone follows him until he tries to kill Burgess and Roman by blowing up the squad car.

After finding out he has stolen two identities everyone tries to locate him, but he goes after Dawson and attempts to drop a lighter on her while she is covered in petrol. Her brother saves her and they hug it out.

Platt is being watched and is nice to everyone. Burgess picks up on this and Platt says someone complained and she is being watched. Burgess feels bad and fights her corner, but is horrified to find that the guy is a journalist and was doing a newspaper article.

Linstead made some developments. Halstead wanted to come public as Voight is understanding, but Lindsay decides against it and tells him to leave it as it is.

Megan attempts to find peace after learning her sister's killer has been caught and killed.

Boden informs Voight that the other name Adrian had was also someone else's. He's stole many identities.


Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

If that guy's Gish, who the hell is this guy?


So, just because i'm back doesn't meana i'm gonna quit me and you.