On Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 1, the police investigate who killed Connor's father while the team must give Natalie emergency care after the accident.

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The mystery of who killed Connor's father is solved on Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 1.

Connor is called in to talk to Atwater, who makes it clear that Connor is a suspect even though he claims to have an alibi. Connor is annoyed and immediately confronts Ava, accusing her of doing the deed. Latham interrupts their argument and later tells Connor that Ava has filed a complaint because he grabbed her arm.

Connor shares his suspicions with Latham but can do nothing about it because he has no proof, but Latham manages to get evidence, which leads to a dramatic confrontation between Connor and Ava.

Meanwhile, Will continually refuses treatment after he is also injured in the accident, while Philip tells everyone that Natalie is his fiancee. Will and Philip almost come to blows in Natalie's room and later Will watches as Philip tells Natalie that it's okay if she doesn't remember him proposing to her.

Elsewhere, April and Ethan work on the case of a little boy who may have a brain tumor, while Dr. Charles struggles to get a grandmother to accept that her grandson may be schizophrenic.

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On Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 1, Will and Natalie must battle for their lives, while the suspicious death of Dr. Rhodes' father is investigated.

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Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Goodwin: Status on Tim Burke?
Doctor: He's stable.
Goodwin: You can take him.
Doctor: Hey, he dies en route, it won't break my heart.

Philip: Is Natalie okay?
Doctor: Who are you?
Philip: Her fiance.
Doctor: Fiance?
Philip: Yeah, we're engaged.
Doctor: We didn't get the memo.