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Choi spends some time in a room fu ll of kids before startling April to tell her he loves her. He can't wait to be a dad. He walks off and April feels guilty.

Marcel stands around while Maggie and Natalie discuss her dating life. Marcel interjects with some sarcastic nonsense about Natalie being telepathic.

A patient finally comes in. Husband and son need help. Two kids in a lot of pain. One of them, Jamie, seems to have neck marks The father says he choked him out.

Father says it happened fast. Charles tells him to take a breath. Father says he was driving and talking with his wife. Boys were in the back and got in a fight over an iPad and Jamie started attacking Dylan. He pulled over and tried to restrain Jamie.

Noah assumes the father abused both boys and hates the ED

Charles asks to look at Jamie's hands. April says he has breaks on both hands.  He informs Choi this is not child abuse.

Will tries to get some guy to consider rehab.

Sean tells Will to go home and sleep. Will says he only has half an hour before work. He panics about the patients here before he goes.

We have a crying baby that Natalie has to check out. Mother has been using formula because she doesn't have time to breastfeed. No dad in the photo. She says the cry has been consistent for the last month. Mother is sure it's something worse than colic. Natalie says they will start with basic labs.

Jamie doesn't want to eat or drink. April leaves the tray for him. Jamie is sure Charles and some people are talking about him.

Jamie was adopted when he was a few days old. He had a hard time sitting still and fought with classmates. Dylan is adopted too. Jamie wanted to be a big brother. At first Jamie and Dylan got along great. Jamie has a million diagnoses and a billion meds that don't work.  Noah interrupts to say Dylan is out of surgery.

Charles wants to put Jamie on a psych hold. The parents quickly agree.

Nat's test show nothing but he needs an endoscopy and maybe a colonoscopy. She doesn't recommend the mother be there. The mother insists she will be fine.

The rest of the staff thinks this is normal. Marcel starts the surgery. Nat learns that the mom  keeps scraping herself in the stomach.

Will sees a patient who has had pain for three months and a weird new husband who says she hasn't pooped in a week. 

Single vehicle accident just as Marcel leaves the OR. Woman had a mangled car and it took EMTs 20 minutes to get her out. No time for x-ray and she has glass everywhere. Parents come in  and Marcel promises to do everything he can. 

Charles tals to Jamie who is mostly reading a comic book while talking. Jamie says it's fuzzy when he gets upset. He is getting very anxious. The kid explodes and tries to attack Charles. He restrains im and Choi comes in and injects him.

Charles and Goodwin suggest Jamie go to a residential facility. Charles thinks puberty will make all of this worse. The father agrees.

In surgery everything looks great but suddenly Lucy's blood pressure drops. Marcel says the pelvis is shattered.

Will says there is a fybroid on the woman's uterus. She might or might not be able to conceive.

Nat thinks something is wrong with the mom, maybe Munchausen's? She asks Maggie to page Charles. Doris calls Nat in. Apparently she has a fisula. Nat wants to run tests.

Pressure is still dropping.Marcel can't figure it out. No pulse. Nothing is working.  She dies. Marcel is upset. He wants a moment alone.

Insurance will not cover Jamie's care and they can't get a grant. Charles says he will have to refer him to outpatient. Choi is worried Jamie will kill Dylan someday.

A gynecologist talks to Will about surgery. (She may be a safe injection patient from the way Will is reacting.) Chloe wants the surgery so she can have a baby. Will goes after the doctor. She insists she's better now. She says she just had a bad day. She says he's the one who does all nighters.  She is offended by his suggestion that she's still high.

The baby has Chron's disease. So does his mother. It's weird that the mother doesn't feel pain. She doesn't seem to have any emotional pain either. 

Will keeps insisting a nurse check on Dr. Asher. He refuses to leave.

Charles has a plan for Jamie. He says there's a way to force Medicaid to pay, but they would have to abandon Jamie so CPS would have to make him a ward of the state. Legally they would have no say in his care. Mrs. Shaw doesn't want to do it. Mr. Shaw thinks they need to do it. 

April is upset as Jamie cries he wants to go home and his parents leave.

Marcel is checking his late patient to try to figure out what went wrong. Goodwin comes in and tells him he needs to notify the parents. He says he needs to know how she died and why he couldn't save her. He finds a hole with something embedded inside. He asks for the X-ray machine. He finds a bullet in the girl's abdomen.

Marcel tells the parents that someone shot a gun in the air and it hit Lucy, and that's what killed her. Marcel is so sorry.

Nat looks at the blood work and says her take on Julia was off. 

Julia is singing to the baby. Natalie comes in. She realizes Julia doesn't feel pain. Julia is missing a gene that allows her to feel pain. Julia starts crying all of a sudden. She says she didn't give Axel the gene for no pain. Natalie reassures her that she's a good mother.

Dr. Asher and Will have words. Asher says if Will reports her she'll report him for working at the injection site.

Natalie and Marcel have a warm semi-conversation.

Goodwin meets Charles on the roof. He says today sucked. She agrees and says at least Jamie will get help.

Mrs. Shaw sobs as they take Dylan home without Jamie.


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Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Choi: What happened?
Father: There was an accident. Um... I choked him out. I had to.

Choi: I love you.
April: Whoa. Wasn't expecting that.
Choi: Sorry. I know the hospital isn't the proper place for ambush displays of affection but I couldn't help myself.