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Will is getting dressed while Asher teases him about using all her floss -- maybe they're moving in together.  She says it's been a good couple of weeks.  They kiss.

Choi interrupts April working with Marcel on a surgical technique. Ethan comes in and is upset. April confronts him then goes back to Marcel but he says they'll do that later.

Soon, trauma patients come in, interrupting Marcel talking to Natalie. One patient is 15-year-old Zach who supposedly fell off an overpass. The other one is a woman who begins coding. Marcel and Ethan must work together to try to restart her heart. They are successful but realize that the woman was in a car accident caused by Zach falling off the overpass onto her car.

Marcel and Ethan argue about whether or not to move to the patient to the OR. Marcel overrules Choi.

The social worker has found foster parents for Augie. Maggie gives the parents all sorts of information. The parents are experienced foster parents. Maggie seems upset. She goes in to see Augie, who is playing Magic with Ben, who has no idea what's going on. Ben has to go.

Maggie checks Augie's stomach and it is bloated. Maggie says she will have Natalie check him out.

Ethan checks Zach's eyes and asks how he went over the edge of the overpass. Zach says the railing was low. He doesn't want to talk further about the accident. Ethan tells a cop he thinks the kid jumped. She says if he did se's arresting him for endangering the driver. Choi says if he jumped he needs a psych hold.

Will and Currie deal with a patient who may be miscarrying. She turns out to have placenta previa. She says she has brain cancer, so this is her last chance to have a family. Will decides to consult Asher, surprising Currie.

Natalie says Augie needs a procedure done. Maggie is upset.

April needs to use the technique Marcel was showing her to help wit the patient. April is stressed as she tries to help.

After, April tells Marcel to find a new nurse because of Ethan. Marcel refuses.

Zach's parents come. They are upset that Charles wants to do a consult. They say it's ridiculous to think he jumped, they are sure it is his wild friends. Maybe a homeless guy pushed him. The father says there's a psychotic homeless guy on the overpass and that Zach doesn't need to be interrogated by a shrink.

Charles tells Ethan the mom may be more open than the dad.

Michael comes to see Sharon. He got a new job right here at Med. He will be a device rep. He asks to take her to lunch.

Charles comes to see Zach. The father is hostile. Charles asks him a few questions. The father tells Zach to tell them about the homeless guy. Zach stammers through a story of the guy shoving him  Charles says they will get him food. Choi wants to put Zach on a psych hold. Charles says that won't work. He says let's see what the turkey sandwich gets us.

Asher says they need to try to stop the pregnancy. Currie keeps arguing with her. Asher wants to try to save the pregnancy. She goes and Currie tells Will this is not the standard of care and Asher has a drug problem. Will tells her she is out of line.

Augie is getting worse. Maggie worries. It turns out DCFS has denied the procedure. DCFS says TIPS is not indicated in this case. There will be a mediator appointed by the state. Madeline says she can't do anything.

Maggie talks to Lanick and asks him to write a note. He won't because he has patients to see.

Asher thinks they should give it more time. Currie thinks it's safer to terminate the pregnancy, causing the patient to cry. She says she is not okay with dying if she doesn't have this baby. Will takes Asher's side. Currie sees Will put his arm around Asher as they leave.

Michael won't put his laptop down during lunch. He is trying to find out what the doctors' hobbies are. He thinks he needs to know to establishrapport. Sharon thinks he should just focus on the machines. 

Charles brings the sandwich but the family has lawyered up. The cops can't find proof of the h0omeless man. The father insists Zach isn't suicidal. Choi says don't let them leave, I'll be right back. He tells Marcel he needs him to wake up the other patient. Marcell says she's not ready. Her belly is still open. He will do what's best for his patient. Ethan tells Marcel it's his fault if Zach tries to kill himself.

Augie codes. It is now an emergency -- no need for consent.

The patient begins to miscarry.  She begs them not to let the baby die. Asher has an idea but it could kill the mother and child. The patient insists on it. Elsa questions Will about this.

Zach is due to be discharged so Choi decides to awaken the other patient while Marcel is not around.  He tries to get her to say she saw Zach jump. She is not able to talk.

Mr. Brandt is asked to validate his parking. He goes and Charles talks with the mother. He gives her his card just in case she needs it for Zach.

Augie's procedure is done. Maggie has it out with the social worker.

Marci's surgery begins and she begins bleeding. Asher refuses to give up. Will says okay.

Marcel confronts Ethan and says this is about him, not the boy. This is about April. He says he wants to end this. Go ahead and hit him. Ethan knocks him into a bunch of surgical supplies and goes.

It turns out they have to terminate but Marci is coding. She dies. Asher runs away upset.

Charles comes to see Choi. He says the mom did take his card. Choi doesn't get it. Charles says maybe it's easier for the dad to focus elsewhere other than the real problem. 

Augie is going over Magic cards with Maggie when Sharon comes along. Sharon says the foster family backed out. They couldn't deal with his medical issues. Maggie tells Sharon tat she and Ben will take him. Sharon says they don't have to but she and Ben are sure.

Will talks to Marci's husband. He thanks Will for honoring Marci's wishes but it's so hard...Currie sits with the husband. 

Will goes to talk to Asher. He says today was tough but she made the right decision.  She says she needs to go to a meeting. Will says he will drive her. They walk out together. Currie watches again.

Michael says goodnight to Sharon. Lanick tells Sharon that her son is a great salesman and somehow knew he liked Scotch.

Ethan wtches Nat stitch up Marcel and asks if his eye is okay. Marcel says it is. Ethan goes. Nat asks if Marcel is okay but he doesn't want to talk.

April comesh ome and confronts Ethan. He tells her that it was easy to see Crockett as the problem but he gets it now. The real problem was between them. He says she doesn't want him and he's going to a hotel. April is devastated.

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Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Natalie: Good morning, Crockett. How is your day?
Marcel: Great.
Natalie: You say that every morning.
Marcel: Every morning is great.

April: Ethan! Crockett was just showing me some new equipment.
Ethan: Sure he was.
April: Ethan. What is this? You sleep on the couch, act like you don't want anything to do with me. So why do you care?