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Ethan and Nat treat a patient who has fallen into a mysterious coma. As they search for an answer, her parents blame her brother, assuming he slipped her drugs. After the girl is pronounced brain dead and the parents donate her organs, Ethan's discussion with the brother leads to a post mortem diagnosis. Both kids were suffering from a genetic disorder that left them unable to process proteins -- the brother managed his case by self medicating with narcotics, and the sister became a vegan. Her intense focus during times of stress left her skipping meals, which aggravated her condition. Choi offers to get the brother into a treatment program and the parents ask for his forgiveness for their behavior over the years. 

Choi is bothered by the way that Noah take advantage of April, but she insists that it's just what families do to take care of each other. 

Will treats a patient with Daniel and Sarah -- the young man was found on the street with a deep laceration to his belly, and they figure out that he cut himself. Daniel thinks the man might be on meth while Sarah suspects schizophrenia. Sarah's nerves are still rattled after Daniel's shooting and having her tires slashed, and she aggressively sedates the patient. The high dosage allows him to reopen the incision and probe his intestines looking for the person he insists is inside of him. Sarah and Daniel stop him and he is sent to surgery to repair any damage that he might have inflicted. The surgeon ends up finding a mass right where the patient claimed there was a person; Joey hypothesizes that it could be a fetus in fetu, an absorbed twin.

Stohl and Sharon work to cut costs and improve revenue in an effort to save the ED, but the other doctors aren't fully on board with the program. 

Maggie's ex is flirting with her again, and she gives him a second chance and meets him at Molly's

Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Ethan: Family dynamics can be complicated.
April: Doesn't matter. It's family. It's blood. Time like this, they should be banding together, not ostracizing one of their own.
Ethan: I'd expect you to say that.

Nat: There's just one thing that I ask.
Will: Anything.
Nat: That you shave.
Will: You don't like the sandpaper feel, huh?
Nat: Uh-huh.
Will: You ask a lot...but okay.