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Jonesy: Slit wrists. It was obviously a suicide.
Dawson: Hot water. Whoever did this wanted the body to decompose.
Jonesy: Excuse me, did you just say whoever did this? We know who did this. He killed himself.
Laura: Look again, Officer. What's missing?
[as Jonesy looks] Dawson: The knife.
Laura: Maybe Officer Jonesy can get us some coffee.
Dawson: What a terrible way for a cop to go.
Jonesy: Wait a second, did you just say he was a cop?
Dawson: You mean your boss didn't tell you?
Jonesy: No.
Laura: Officer Jonesy, meet Officer Ted Cody, Chicago PD.

Antonio: Did he confess, Al?
Olinsky: The son of a bitch killed Lexi.