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At a bar in Chicago somewhere, the bartender's son and his two friends are eager to hear stories about the bartender's experience in Vietnam. He tells them about killing some snakes when he stepped in a viper pit and shows them a belt he made out of one of the snakes.

The next morning, the father arrives at his son, Trevor's, home with the other two dudes. They are supposed to go deer hunting. When Treor doesn't answer the door, his dad uses a hidden key to go in -- and finds him dead on the floor and the place ransacked.

The Chicago Justice team investigates. Stone talks to the father, who reveals his son and his son's friends were all Navy SEALS. Trevor was supposed to be getting married soon.

The investigation goes nowhere. The girlfriend doesn't know why Trevor had a lot of money in his bank account, and a lead the friends provide about a woman who might have wanted to hook up with drunk Trevor doesn't pan out.

However, the ME has startling news -- Trevor had a flash drive in his stomach. The flash drive is heavily secured but tech wants to farm it out to private contractors. Once opened, it is discovered it shows footage of a mission gone wrong. Trevor accidentally killed a woman he was tryng to rescue during a raid.

Further investigation shows that the Navy covered the incident up and Trevor was about to write a book about it. His friends are arrested for the murder, but the Department of Justice wants the video excluded as it is classified federal property.

Stone successfully defeats the motion, but Jeffries served in Vietnam and is of the opinion that the brass knows best and military secrets should stay secret. He warns Stone that if he uses the video at trial he will be fired

Stone is frustrated. He tells Trevor's father, who agrees with Jeffries' stance that the military has its reasons for secrecy that are not to be questioned. However, Stone has an idea He shows the video to the defendants privately andgets one to turn against the other.

At trial, Mike admits to killing Trevor over the video. The defense attorney claims that MIke killed Trevor because he wanted Trevor's girlfriend for himself. He angrily claims it was "because of the Ukraine". This opens the door for Stone to question him on redirect about the contents of the video. Jeffries leaves in a huff.

Stone wins his case and offers to resign but Jeffries doesn't accept his resignation.

Later, Jeffries talks to Trevor's father and they both admit they can't deal with what they saw in Vietnam. Jeffries thinks it's time they talked about it.

Chicago Justice
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Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Father: We braced ourselves for this day when Trevor was deployed overseas, but we never thought -
Stone: How long was he in the Navy?
Father: 18 months.

Trevor's Dad: It was 68. Right in the mile of thing. Lemme tell you a story.
Trevor: Not the viper's nest.
Trevor's Dad: It was raining, could hardly see a thing. I put my foot down and wouldn't you know it, it was right in the middle of a viper's nest. So I pull out my K-20 and I cut the head off of the viper that was wrapped around my leg. And not only that, that viper holds up my pants to this day.