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Chicago Fire Round Table: Is the End Near for Dawsey?

Chicago Fire Round Table: Is the End Near for Dawsey?

With Severide's relationship coming to a close, could Dawsey be next? Join us as we discuss all the relationship drama and whether or not Mills should be watching his back after everything that happened in Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 9. Grab your seat and head over to the Round Table!
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Chicago Fire Quotes

Casey: Everything all right, chief?
Boden: What’s that supposed to mean?
Herrmann: You seem a little on edge, that’s all.
Boden: Donna’s got me on some damn diet.
All: Oh.
Cruz: We’re all done by shift’s end.
Severide: Donna wants you to lose weight?
Boden: Do I look like I need to lose weight?
Kidd: Of course not chief, but that’s what diets are for sometimes.
Boden: Look, my last checkup, my cholesterol numbers are high. Now I’m following something I found on the internet called a surplus diet.
Mouch: Oh, I read about that: surplus of fiber, not fat.
Boden: A surplus of starvation is more like it.

Brett: hey, not trying to get in your business. Just checking on my partner.
Mills: I'm fine.

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