On Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 10 Boden prepared to welcome a new member to the Fireshouse family as Dawson and Casey struggled with relationship issues. Molly's II had a less than stellar debut performance.

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The team was called to a house fire of a couple trapped inside. After the rescue Severide initially thinks that the man involved acted so strangely because he was burned as a teenager, but he discovers that he may be the root cause for the fire.

Casey is still upset with Dawson over what he witnessed between her and Mills at Molly's. He goes out drinking with Severide and continues to fight with Dawson. They both clearly have issues over working together and trying to keep their personal lives out of it, and things aren't looking good for their immediate future.

Molly's II had its debut at a food festival, and after some bad press due to an accident involving the parking brake, the guys decide its best to donate the food truck to the Chaplain's soup kitchen instead.

After Lullo showed up at the station to aplogize for Mills, and Mills believed him, Ambulance 61 was called to the scene of an accident involving a homeless man. They are missing all day and their bus is finally discovered but there's no sign of Brett and Mills anywhere.

Finally, Boden delivered his son on the fire truck and was excited to add to the family at 51. However, once at the hospital, doctors noticed the baby was turning blue and they rushed him inside, leaving baby Boden's life hanging in the balance.

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Episode Details

On Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 10, the team responds to a house fire that leaves a perplexing aftermath in its wake as Dawsey continues to struggle with personal and professional relationship issues. Elsewhere, Molly II's prepares for its debut and another family member arrives.

Rating: 4.8 / 5.0 (27 Votes)
Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Casey: Maybe this whole thing is too big for us. I’m trying to be a Lieutenant and your fiance and you can’t respect either one.
Dawson: Request permission to leave shift, Lieutenant.
Casey: Granted candidate.

Boden: You ever been invited to a friend’s place for Thanksgiving, sat down for a big, beautiful once a year meal, got excited about a perfectly cooked turkey, and then they served up a ham.
Connie: A ham?
Boden: Instead of the turkey.
Connie: No I got that part, but …
Boden: See? Tradition is important, is it not?
Connie: I suppose it is.
Boden: Thank you Connie. Woman that understands. I mean, who knows if the pilgrims ate turkey at the first Thanksgiving? Maybe they had nothing but hams, lined up for miles, But me, turkey is the traditional Thanksgiving food. And Gravy. Brown. Makde from the difference of a turkey, not some fancy foo-foo stuff made from pears, and sun dried tomatoes.
Connie: I do like a good gravy.
Boden: You better stand up for tradition Connie, or what else do we have?
Connie: Ham and pear gravy.
Boden: Thank you Connie.