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Truck and Squad both respond to a multi-vehicle accident to support Deputy District Chief Anderson's team. But Boden notices that a tether holding the semi truck's cargo is tearing and orders a stop to the rescue. Anderson takes this personally and threatens Boden privately before making a public scene at a cocktail party.

Suddenly there's a convenient inspection of Firehouse 51. Anderson takes issue with Truck visiting Herrmann's son's elementary school class. He then starts telling the team what to do at an emergency scene. And the next day he uses his authority to send the non-officers to other assignments.

Severide travels to Springfield to consider Dennis Mack's job offer. He reunites with Anna, who informs him he shouldn't leave Chicago just for her. Severide doesn't make a decision yet.

Meanwhile, Brett is taking her breakup with Antonio out on herself. She's working out, talking about makeup and trying to teach herself German. Dawson and Stella take Brett clubbing trying to get her mind off Antonio.

And a man wanders into Molly's after hours looking for money in order to afford a suit for a job interview. Herrmann, moved by his hard-luck story of needing to stabilize his life and see his daughter, gives him the money. The man returns to Molly's paying Herrmann back, having landed the job.

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Whatever he's using that money for, he needed a helping hand. I helped him.


It's only getting scammed if I believed his story, which, I didn't.