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The members of Firehouse 51 struggle with their new assignments, particularly Stella, who returns to her old house and gets into a fight with her former chief over his treatment of a female candidate. She and Brett try to befriend the other woman but Missy declares that she's going to quit.

Back at their home, the "new" Firehouse 51 team proves to be vastly inferior to their predecessors, including a paramedic who once asked Dawson out. But everyone comes together to handle a hotel fire with the potential for mass injuries. Missy saves her captain's life and that earns her the respect of her peers, which makes her change her mind.

Boden tries to appeal to the CFD brass to reinstate his team but Anderson crashes his meeting and shuts him down. Boden tells Casey, Severide and Dawson to get used to their new roster. Severide asks his father to dig up something that he can use against Anderson. It doesn't have to go that far as Boden unknowingly rescues the Deputy Mayor in the hotel fire.

The Deputy Mayor wants to give Boden a commendation but he instead asks for the transfer orders to be overturned. Anderson vows he'll get revenge but Boden says he'll be ready for it.

Meanwhile, Dennis Mack tells Severide he needs an answer about the Battalion Chief opening in Springfield. After seeing Firehouse 51 reunited Severide realizes he can't leave Chicago and calls Anna to say he won't be coming to be with her.

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Cruz: Me and Capp are working the call center.
Severide: What? You're kidding.
Cruz: Wish I was.

It's like some Bizarro 51.