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Gabby becomes obsessed with a case involving baby, investigating things on her own when she thinks the cops aren't doing a good enough job. She makes several breaks on the case, annoying the lead detective and putting herself in danger. The perp is finally caught after he tries to take out Ambulance 61 by dropping a block of cement through their windshield. 

Casey deals with a pesky constituent who ends up having a real issue that Casey tries to solve. When the official process becomes lengthy, he gets creative -- and pays the construction foreman to move the build site's portalet.

When Hermann wants to get Molly's included on a bar crawl, Otis objects for mysterious reasons. When the crawl ends up a smashing success, Otis explains that he feels like his ideas are never taken seriously. Hermann says that's because all of Otis' ideas are bad -- but still surprises his friend by buying a disco ball and declaring one day a month to be Molly's disco night.

Anna has a hard time adjusting to her new life in Chicago, and Kelly does what he can to make her comfortable in her new home. 

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

Does it still qualify as a miracle baby if the whole thing was caused by some sociopath that's attacking innocent people at random?


Herrmann: God looks after babies and fools.
Otis: Oh, you hear that, Capp? You're in luck.