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Picking up where the season premiere left off, Severide watches Stella leave in the ambulance with Grant before he is questioned by the CPD. The same officer then goes to the hospital to question Stella and tells her that Grant can be charged with attempted murder, but she declines to press charges - much to the frustration of Severide and Dawson.

After surgery Grant is evaluated by Dr. Daniel Charles at Chicago Med. Charles wants Grant to voluntarily commit himself but he only consents once Stella tells him that she is out of their relationship for good.

Borelli is back on Truck but not back in Boden's good graces, and when he continues to speak negatively of the Chief, Hermann confronts him at Molly's. The Truck team then tells Boden they refuse to work with Borelli.

Squad frees a man whose leg became trapped on a boat, but Severide injures his hand in the process. The paramedics respond to a woman who's been viciously bitten by her dog, who turns out to be a famous author.

Then the whole team takes on a multi-car accident that injures Borelli when he gets too close to the flames. He's rushed to Med where Dr. Will Halstead tells the team that Borelli will survive, but has lost an eye.

Alderman Dearing pursues Casey for help with a project and when Casey declines, Dearing blackmails Casey instead accusing him of using his political influence to help Dawson adopt Louie. Once Casey does as he asks Dearing tells him to consider it an "ongoing relationship" or he'll take the child.

And Dawson finds a nanny for Louie in Connie's sister Bonnie, while social media celebrity Travis Brenner wants to be Severide's new best friend, and Brett continues assisting Mouch with his writing career.

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Expensive equipment just being ruined here.


Casey: This guy can't take no for an answer.
Dawson: That's what the decline button is for.