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Brenna is upset as she gets ready for her last days at her school, before moving to public school. She is rushing to complete her short film to enter it into festivals, but she is struggling to cope when she has got a lot of maid of honor duties to plan. 

Margo steps up and promises to help her get the film finished, but she is left annoyed when she think Brenna stands her up. Brenna speaks to her and plants a kiss on her that makes her take a step back. Margo says she is not interested in her like that. 

Later, Brenna meets up with Margo and tells her she has went through a lot in life and is not just a teenager, which leads to Margo kissing her. 

Natalie comes clean about the manuscript and passes it on to April so they can collectively decide what to do with it. 

Leo asks Sara to give him dancing lessons for the wedding. She reluctantly agrees to.

Chasing Life
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Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

I just imagined Beckham on the other side of that door.


April: You guys breaking up had nothing to do with me.
Brenna: It had everything to do with you.