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We open with a man shooting at a bunch of strangers and taking a woman hostage. He runs to escape police sirens but ends up getting caught. We see it’s Harry, who is being forced to remember his worst memories in Tartarus.

He is being tortured by a reptile-like creature who tells him the more he resists his torture the harder he will fall, and Harry insists that the torture they are bestowing upon him, and the memories they are making him relive, are all fake.

We move to Mel and Macy, who are having a hard time figuring out how to find Harry. Charity tells them that the Elders don’t know how to help, and they aren’t interested in pursuing it further since he is a white lighter who was aware of the risks.

Macy reveals that Alistair and Macy’s new boss are actually Parker’s parents. Charity thinks that Alistair looks familiar but can’t quite place him. Macy gets a secret text from Galvin who wants to talk.

Mel wakes a mourning Maggie up, who has been suffering over finding out about Parker’s demonic half. She feels like she can’t trust her powers, or anyone around her.Maggie then creates a spell for herself to “give herself a break” and keep from hurting.

We move to Galvin and Macy talking, where Galvin is trying to catch up on all the witchy information he’s just been introduced to. Luckily, he has a positive reaction, and Macy tells him about his protection mark (that has since disappeared). Galvin realizes that his grandmother may have been a witch, too. Macy also unveils that they are both working for a demon in Morningstar.

Off in the lab, Parker is getting sicker, and his mother doesn’t know if she can save him if he remains half human, yet Parker insists.  Alistair shows up, wondering where Parker’s brother Hunter is, but Parker keeps his fate a secret (he is in fact, in Tartarus). Alistair then uses his powers to “mesmerize” Parker’s mother, injuring her hand.

Mel goes to visit the Sarcana, where she sees that they have saved a witch who was once incorrectly sent to Tartarus herself. They promise to help Mel find Harry and bring him back to safety. Jade says they have to hurry, or Harry might be lost forever.

Back in Tartarus, Harry is still being tortured by false memories. This time, it’s a vision of Harry getting physical with a cellmate in  jail. Looking at one of his scars, Harry realizes that maybe the memories aren’t false—he just doesn’t remember them.

Mel gets on the phone with Maggie and tries to explain that they will have to trade something in order to get Harry back from Tartarus. Mel suggests that they offer up the harbinger.

Maggie runs into Parker at college, where he swears he never wanted to hurt her, but she storms away quickly. Back at the house, she redoes the spell to keep her from feeling pain.

In the lab, Macy and Galvin break into their boss’s office, and hack into her computer. They uncover DNA structures that look demonic, but their boss walks in on them. They manage to get what they need and escape, and after they leave, the two kiss. Galvin asks Macy over to his house, except when she tells him she’s a virgin, he has an extremely negative reaction.

Macy goes home to vent to Maggie and Mel, and Charity shows up, irate about the idea of giving the harbinger to Tartarus. The sisters insist that they have to at least try things their way, regardless of what the Elders think.

The sisters go off to offer the harbinger for Harry. Except when they open it to show what’s inside, it ends up being empty. They freeze Dante (the guard of Tartarus) and try to get Maggie to read his thoughts. Unfortunately, the spell she cast renders her powers useless.

Dante breaks out and throws Maggie into Tartarus with Harry.

The sisters go to Charity and ask her why she lied about the harbinger can, but Charity insists that she thought it was the real thing. She realizes that Alistair mesmerized her switched cans with her. The now realize how powerful Alistair must be.

Macy and Mel go to visit Parker. Parker swears he will do anything to help Maggie and explains that Alistair has the real harbinger. He also says that there’s no way they can get to it without him and vows to do it for them.

In Tartarus, Maggie is reliving her worst memories, including that of finding out about Parker’s demon side. The creature torturing says that he has been instructed to “give her hell.” She keeps reliving memories, including that of her mothers death.

Maggie calls out for Harry, and he hears her. She claims that everything hurts too much, but Harry tells her to fight, and let love be her strength, reminding her that she’ll never be alone. Harry tells the creature to torture him instead of Maggie.

We flashback to Harry losing a son, and Harry passes out from the torture.

Mel, Macy and Parker begin to break in for the harbinger. As they leave, Mel steals something else for the Sarcana- what they need to restore health back to their witch.

In the lab, Alistair goes to visit Julia, Parkers mom. Alistair mesmerizes her and asks what really happened to Hunter. Under a spell, she spills the truth.

Mel and Macy bring the Harbinger to Dante, in exchange for Harry and Maggie. Before they can escape, Alistair shows up to take the harbinger back for himself.

The girls try to stop him but it becomes clear quickly that he is too strong for them. Macy tells him that there is no way she will continue with Morningstar who is apparently killing humans and creating demons.

Tensions rise, and Alistair reveals his true demonic face. He begins to attack the Charmed ones with fire. Maggie is upset she can’t fight, but Harry reminds her that love is her strength.

The three withes come together and manifest a power that is able to fight Alistair head on. He gets away, but he’s clearly injured.

The sisters throw the harbinger back into Tartarus. They ask Maggie what the power she manifested was, but she doesn’t have an answer, she just knew she could make it somehow.

Back at the house, Maggie regrets having taken her feelings away but the sisters remind her that she was heartbroken, and it’s understandable. The sisters talk about Parker, and how disappointed they are that Parker sold them out once again (not knowing that it wasn’t him).

Charity portals in, and Mel tells her that the Elders have no right to try and tell them what to do anymore. Charity promises that she’s only there for Harry, and goes to sit with him.

Charity tells Harry that what he saw in Tartarus wasn’t the full picture, and Harry insists that he caused the death of his nly child. Charity admits that she looked at the memories they tortured him with, and she tells him that everything he did was to save his son, not kill him. Harry thinks his son died, but it Charity reveals that he actually survived, and is alive. The two share a kiss.

Parker shows up to see if Maggie is OK, and he promises that he wasn’t the one who sold them out. He tries to get her to forgive him but she can’t. Before he goes, Parker tells Maggie tht whatever they did, he’s never seen Alistair that scared.

Mel meets up with Jada and gives her the serum to save the witch, claiming she trusts Jada. The two share a kiss and leave the bar together. From behind, Niko is filming Mel as she leaves the bar.

Galvin shows up at the house to talk to Macy. He tells her that he’s fine with her being a virgin. He gives her files he found of Julia sequencing the Charmed one’s DNA. In the last few seconds, Macy realizes that she isn’t the half sister after all—Mel is.





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Charmed (2018) Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Also known as the dick, who stole the harbinger. I get it, the demonic apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Parker Yes, my dad is the demon Allister, also known as the dark master. Mel

Allistair: Oh Hey Mags, how's it going, sorry to hear about the breakup.
Maggie: Can we kill him now?
Allistair: I'd like to see you try, empath. Do you know what they say about a witch with passive powers? Nothing.