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Charmed Season 1 Episode 21 Review: Red Rain

Charmed Review: Red Rain

Charmed Season 1 Episode 21 follows the Power of Three in the fight for their lives as they find a way to stop the impending apocalypse.
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Charmed Season 1 Episode 19 Review: Power of Four

Charmed Review: Power Of Four

The Charmed One's fight to save Harry while the battle for The Source comes to a tipping point in Charmed (2018) Season 1 Episode 19.
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Charmed Season 1 Episode 17 Review: Surrender

Charmed Review: Surrender

Charmed Season 1 Episode 17 finds Maggie in danger after joining a cult, while Harry struggles to prove his innocence with the Elders. Read on for the full review.
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I’ve been watching human nature for decades and everyone has the capacity for darkness. It’s your actions,, not your nature that defines you


Harry: You are witches. Witches who are destined to save the world from impending doom. That's right, you are the Charmed ones. The most powerful trio of witches.
Mel: He's the new women's studies teacher. I knew something was off about him.