Dr. Kelly Niemann is back along with Jerry Tyson. But is that really the 3XK we know? Watch Castle Season 7 Episode 14 Online here at TV Fanatic

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When Susan Watts ends up dead on Dr. Lanie Parish's table in the morgue, she begins to put the pieces together. Susan Watt's reminds her a lot of Pam Hodges, the woman who was surgically altered to look like Lanie before she was murdered. It's not long before the investigation leads back to Dr. Kelly Niemann. Beckett manages to convince Capt. Gates to push to get Castle back for this investigation.

Susan Watts had her own look a like as Amy is seen leaving Dr. Niemann's office and getting into a truck with Jerry Tyson. But when the team track him down and arrest him, he claims he's not Jerry Tyson at all but Michael Boudreaux who has had cosmetic surgery to change his appearance. Dr. Kelly Niemann was his surgeon. So which man do they have in custody? All of the evidence against Tyson was stolen and the finger prints on the man match those of Michael Bourdreax. Just when they think they've found a way to prove it's Tyson, it all falls apart and they have to let him go, just as Beckett is being abducted off the street.

Watch Castle Season 7 Episode 14 Online here at TV Fanatic

Episode Details

On Castle Season 7 Episode 14, when clues to a murder lead back to Dr. Kelly Nieman, things take an even more serious turn when they uncover a connection to Jerry Tyson.

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Castle Season 7 Episode 14 Quotes

She’s as shrewd and high functioning of a sociopath as he ever was.

Kate Beckett

I don’t know if I’m surprised. You are pretty lovable.

Rick Castle