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The team at the 12th precinct investigate when Henry Graham, a repo man is found murdered in the park. When Esposito and Ryan visit Henry’s apartment they run into Inspector Zhang, who manages to disarm them both. Inspector Zhang is the top detective in Hong Kong and heads up the US / Chinese task force out of San Francisco. Henry was a friend of hers and although reluctant, she decides to work with Beckett on the case.

Beckett is wondering where her career is going when she sees that someone she graduated from the academy with has just made Captain. She becomes even more insecure when she gets to know all of Inspector Zhang’s career accomplishments plus the woman is married to an action hero movie star and has two beautiful children. 

The investigation uncovers that Henry was making a serious drug buy even though Zhang insists that wasn’t something he was into. Turns out that Henry’s girlfriend had to pay back $40,000 to her Chinese boss who was holding her documents to remain in this country. Henry tried to pay off the debt but the boss wanted him to set up a competitor by planting the drugs. 

Unfortunately his girlfriend’s best friend was afraid she would be left behind and killed Henry in order not to lose her only friend. 

Beckett finds out that Inspector Zhang is separated from her husband and feels that her career has taken over her life. Kate assures Castle that no matter what her career goals are of the future, that she won’t lose sight of her priorities. Castle tells her that he can’t leave him behind because he’ll always be by her side. 

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Castle Season 7 Episode 17 Quotes

This is going to be fun this little threesome here. Investigatively speaking.

Rick Castle

Ryan, this is my third marriage. I think I know what I'm doing.

Rick Castle