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  • A young woman is found murdered. Evidence points to Castle by links of jewelry, fingerprints, and emails.
  • Beckett believes that he is innocent and works to prove it.
  • While in his holding cell, Castle is visited by Jerry Tyson, the 3XK. He tells him he has been planning this to kill of both of them. Make their lives miserable.
  • Castle finds an add for a Richard Castle lookalike. They chase the clues back to Tyson who is nowhere to be found.
  • Castle is cleared of charges and Beckett is sent to bring him back to the precinct for paperwork. While driving back, they are hit from behind by Tyson. He tries to shoot them but Castle shoots him first. He falls off the bridge into the water but his body is not found.
  • Castle believes that Tyson wanted to be considered dead so he could disappear and get back to killing.
  • Ryan tells Javi about the Castle/Beckett relationship and Kate tells Lanie herself.
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Probable Cause: This was a brilliant episode! It gave us a different Castle, a man of strength, while not reducing Kate to 'jello.' It was clear that 3XK planned to kill Kate. Thank you, Marlowe - there is a propensity in 'Movies and in TV' to weaken strong female characters once they are in a romantic relationship!!!! This is not the real world, or at least it's not the one I live in! This of course opens up the story line for a final confrontation between Castle (Sherlock Holmes) and 3XK (Moriaty). The question becomes who will be 'the pawn' that 3XK sets his sights on? Will Marlowe allow Castle to take that bullet for Beckett in the name of love? Will Kate, tell Castle how his books saved helped her through, her mother's death? Or could there be another pawn in 3XK's sights... Javier, Ryan, Gates, Alexis, Martha, and/ or Jenni? Nevertheless, the back-story is there with Castle's final words. I can't wait to see this one!


what can you say it was one of the best


Can you tell me the name of the actress that found the body in t show on Oct.29,2012?


Tonight's episode is making me so nervous. I feel like Caskett is about to blow up in our faces, which is not fair after all the waiting...

Castle Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Whoever did this...he liked it.


Who puts a body on the ceiling?

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