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  • Castle and Beckett try to figure out how to act normal now that they are both back at work. They are not ready for anyone to find out and it is against the rules at the precinct.
  • They investigate the murder of Mandy Michaels, the local weather girl. Mandy had been working with a partner to investigate a company who was polluting the air. After going to the EPA instead of letting her partner have the exclusive, he decides to scare her and accidentally kills her.
  • A news anchor asks Castle out on a date and he accepts. Beckett is clearly bothered by the situation and shows up at his apartment to find the anchor on top of him. Castle promises he won’t do anything and was just putting on a show to hide their relationship. The two work things out.
  • Martha and Alexis are in Europe.
  • Ryan and Espo make up after they are both punched out by a security guard.
  • Lanie figures out that Beckett is having sex, she just doesnt know with who. 
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