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  • A treasure hunter named Stan is murdered while searching for the Blue Butterfly necklace.
  • Stan bought and searched for clues to lead him to the necklace of a woman who was the girlfriend of a 1947 mob boss. A PI had been hired to search for those woman, who he quickly fell for.
  • The PI and girlfriend plan to run away together but are approached by a former girlfriend’s daughter who wants her dead. A scuffle keeps the two from dying, and leads them to live a life together under different names. 
  • Castle imagines himself as the investigator and Beckett as his girlfriend. Espo, Ryan, and Lanie play parts involved in the romance.
  • Clues lead them to a nurse caring for the couple who was also on the hunt for the necklace. He admits to killing Stan to get the treasure first.
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Hey, You really need to move on. Don't look in the past. Yes you had good times, bad times but you will have good and bad times with ahnoter. You need to start moving forward and focus on the goals in life you want to achieve. She has moved on and is no longer thinking or concerned about you therefore you need to do the same.She is with someone else you need to accept that she made that decision do you think you deserve to be second best, do you want to be with a girl who is now with someone else. You need to face up to the reality that she's gone have your moment of saddness and pick yourself up and live your life. Life is way to short to be wasted thinking and crying over people who don't care for you. Don't fall in to the trap. Explore the world live for your dreams. Good luck x


yes that was Chad Everett. Thank you for asking cause I couldn't remember his name lol. He was in an episode of Supernatual recently also. He played Dean in his later years.


Wasn't Joe played by Chad Everett who starred as Dr. Joe Gannon in Medical Center?


Who is the actor that played the PI Joe the "bartender"? I recognize him but can't think of his name.


Omg. I cant wait for this ep. I'm gonna die befor the week is over. Lol my mom is so confused with the whole 40s thing. She's all like, "why does it take place in the 40s?" she never listens when I try to explain things like that to her.


Im staying away from previews last time i watched one it was a very very long week!


Oh why did I watch that preview?! This is going to be a long week...

I am nuts

Can't wait!!!

Castle Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Where have you been all my life?


Keep 'em coming pal, you're doing great.