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  • A famous NY mansion is the crime scene for multiple deaths, including the latest of a famous ghost hunter.
  • A TV show that searches for ghosts is on hand to check out the house when the host is killed. 
  • The house had been the scene for a murder 20 years ago of a woman who had been having an affair. Case was never solved and the husband was believed to be the killer. Castle and Beckett find the husbands body in a secret room, he had been dead all this time.
  • The former arresting officer had the affair with the victim twenty years ago and had killed the married couple. The host of Ghost Hunters had been a witness to it as a little boy who lived nearby.
  • Ryan and Esposito take their ladies out to dinner, resulting in a breakup between Esposito and Lanie.
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I LOVE Castle and the cast - these episodes are getting a little slow and not so mystery - where's all that good forensic and who dunnit and the romantic tension between Castle and Beckett - given how things are in the world these days - the writers should be ripe with plot contents i.e. greed, divorce, relationship rife, family and crime comes in many forms that besides trying to figure out who ordered Beckett's Mom death - there is a ton of possible long playing themes that can be introduced and revisted. Be BOLD and Castle is "maturing" as is Alexis that why not throw in something that no one really saw coming but was way back in Season 1 and now make it part of something signicant. Just some advise. Am anxious to see what unfolds.


episode was fun (i think)...but for mystery; the writers left a whole lot of loose ends....i can't figure out why...but i miss the good old castle episodes of season 1,2 and 3...something is amiss and it's getting boring....not yet completely boring; but getting there slowly and steadily...buck up mr marlowe...u can get this show back on rails, i am sure....hope the bank heist one will be more real...

Castle Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

If you say ghost, I'm sending you home.


Alexis: Dad, are you using me as a shield against flesh eating zombies?
Castle: No, I'm just trying to give you a better view.