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An explosion during a protest leads to Beckett and Castle recreating the timeline that led up to this tragedy.

  • A bomb explodes at a Wall Street Protest, killing 5 people.
  • Using advanced technology from the feds, the detectives trace GPS from cell phones who were in the vicinity.
  • The explosion was caught on live news from a newscaster.
  • A cell phone picture shows the location of the bomb 47 seconds prior with nothing there. The detectives break down the 47 second to find the bomber.
  • One of the victims who was heavily involved in the cause built a bomb that was meant to just bring attention, not to hurt anyone. The newscaster was his partner, setting off the bomb and hoping to get noticed by her network.
  • While interrogating a suspect, Beckett says she remembers every second of the day she got shot. Castle overhears and is now angry that she has lied to him.
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Very good show, interesting buildup with the involvement more like the old Castle episodes. Loved the involvement with all the cast.. and my favorate line was when they were going to arrest the newslady and Castle says," Silence by innocence, maybe its alright, but it's downright cowardly". The look on Beckett's face was like, huh, what? ooh.. burn... dealing with the fact that Castle know knows how KB remembers everything! Scenes too next weeks looks good with Beckett going out to talk over drinks with Lanie! There has to be something coming up where Castle secret comes out and Kate discovers he has been hiding something! Monday nights are great at 10 PM. I sure hope these two figure it out.

Castle Season 4 Episode 19 Quotes

Most of our victims die for a reason.


There is nothing normal about this.


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Ludwig van beethoven symphony no 5 in c minor op 67 first moveme Symphony No. 5 In C Minor Op. 67 - First Movement Ludwig van Beethoven iTunes
Song Bomb Attack Kim Planert