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The body of a soap opera writer is found in a closet on set of “Temptation Lane.” Sara Cutler, the victim, was killed with an ax to the back.

Sara had recently separated from her husband, come back in contact with her estranged “mother,” and dealt with some complicated actors and unruly fans. Signs pointed the detectives in all different directions, including Sara’s assistant, Reese.

The detectives interview the actors, suspecting stars Mandy and Lance. Mandy was being written off the show while having an affair with Sara’s husband and Lance wanted off the show to pursue a movie. Sara’s returning birth mother turned out to be a scam placing her on the list of suspects.

Beckett and Castle meet with a PI that Sara had hired at a coffee shop. A waitress gives Castle her screen play that she had given to Sara, who had promised to read it. Castle reviews her writing, which matches an episode Reese had claimed to write.

Reese killed Sara because she had worked so hard for her, deserving the opportunity and she wouldn’t let Sara take it away from her.

Castle gets Beckett the Temptation Lane cast’s autographs because she is a big fan.

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