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Charlie sinks to new depths in his efforts to nab an award-winning gay movie star on this week's Californication. Hank meanwhile wastes no time offending the other members of his rehab group. One such member, Faith (Maggie Grace) challenges Hank and earns his admiration. Charlie's latest lie opens door for him at work. Karen gets high with Marcy and is called in for a job interview. Marcy gets a visit from Stu which ends awkwardly. Hank prepares to leave rehab but reconsiders after talking to Faith.  

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Californication Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

I feel like the good lord himself picked me up with his bare hands, laid me down on a bed of rusty nails, pinned my ankles behind my ears and just stuck it in. No Vaseline no lube no nothin. Not even a little spittle. That mother fu-ker just took his Darth Vader helmet, that big Darth Vader helmet and just rammed it home. He wrecked my pretty little virgin a--hole, my sweet little brown bud. Pulled out, came on my t-ts, wiped his di-k on the curtains and left me for dead. That's just me. How bout you guys?


I know I'm a big fan of the bye bye pain juice, but I don't think I'm an alcoholic do you?