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Californication Season 6

Hank's Future
"I'll Lay My Monster Down"

Hank tries to figure out where Faith fits into his future while Charlie and Marcy also try to figure out where their relationship is headed on the season 6 finale of Californication.

Searching for Atticus
"The Abby"

Hank and Faith work together to try and find Atticus but only Becca has the inside track on Californication.

Faith's Moving On
"Blind Faith"

On Californication, Hand goes to Faith for help but finds she's become moved on to someone else.

Rob Lowe Californication Pic
"Mad Dogs & Englishmen"

Karen turns the tables on Hank this week, while Charlie has another encounter with the Widow.

Charlie and Stu
"Everybody's a F. Critic"

The review come in this week for the Californication musical. Elsewhere, considers different career paths.

Karen, Hank and Becca
"The Dope Show"

Hank returns from his trip this week on Californication. And finds Becca in a bad way.

Faith and Hank
"In the Clouds"

Karen wants Hank to intervene with Becca on this Californication episode. Elsewhere, Charlie's fear of flying causes problems.

Atticus Fetch Photo
"Rock and a Hard Place"

Atticus sends Hank and Charlie on a special assignment on this episode of Californication, as the men turn to Becca for help.

Robbie Mac's Visit
"Hell Bent for Leather"

On Californication, Hank and Charlie have a disappointing meeting with Robbie Mac and later, Hank gets together with an entertainment executive from his past.

Atticus and Hank
"Dead Rock Stars"

Hank attends a funeral with Faith on this episode of Californication, while Charlie is tested by his new client.

Maggie Grace as Faith

Can Faith act as Hank's new muse? That's the author's hope on this episode of Californication.

Californication Season 6 Premiere Pic
"The Unforgiven"

Hank is still reeling from the attempt on his life when Californication returns. But his life is about to change.

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