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Californication Season 4

"And Justice for All"

Hank waits for his sentence to be handed down on this season finale, while also attending a movie premiere party. Eddie Nero shows up at it and makes an inappropriate pass at Karen.

"The Last Supper"

Hank ends up in Charlie's house this week, worrying about his verdict. The episode takes off from there.

"The Trial"

It's the day of Hank's trial, although it gets off to a very poor start following an encounter with Mia's father. Read on for a recap.

"Another Perfect Day"

Hank gets evicted from the hotel this week. Elsewhere, Peggy and Charlie REALLY get kinky.

"Lights. Camera. Asshole."

Hank threatens his job with an ill-advised hook-up this week. Sounds like the man we know, doesn't it?

"The Recused"

Hank's relationship with his lawyer intensifies on this episode. Elsewhere, Charlie continues on his quest toward 100 women.

"Lawyers, Guns, and Money"

A compromising photo of Hank causes major problems for him this week. Elsewhere, Becca and her band gets into trouble.


Charlie gets into a series shaving accident this week, while Hank meets Karen's new man. The episode is titled "Freeze-Frame."

"Monkey Business"

Hank gets very bad news this week: his attorney tells him that his statutory rape case is going to trial. Karen and Marcy also buy a home-pregnancy test.

"Home Sweet Home"

Hank takes advantage of the perception that he attempted suicide by moving home with Karen and Becca. But his daughter knows the truth.

"Suicide Solution"

Rob Lowe guest stars on this episode of Californication. Meanwhile, Hank's efforts to strike a conciliatory tone with Becca.

"Exile on Main St."

Hank leaves jail to kick off the fourth season of Californication. Where does he go from there? Find out now.

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