Karen is in town for a few days. She and Hank decide that it's time to move the family out to New York. Becca is less than thrilled at the prospect of  being pulled away from her precious best friend, Chelsea.

Karen blocks Hanks advances on her, since she doesn't know where he's been. She admits to having slept with her almost-husband Bill. Hank is repulsed.

Karen sits in on Hank's class. She immediately picks up on the sexual tensions between him and Jackie as well as Jill - she only seems amused. Felicia walks in on Hank and Karen kissing in his classroom. Karen finally gets to meet the mother of this infamous Chelsea - she dislikes her immediately. She later meets Chelsea and is equally dissatisfied with her! Chelsea is completely obnoxious to her. 

Karen and Hank head over to the Runkle's house for dinner. They are joined by Charlie's boss, Sue, and by Charlie's new client, Rick Springfield. Karen and Hank are called away to tend to a teenager crisis at the Koons house: Becca and Chelsea have broken into the wine stash. As the party devolves, Marcy takes Rick Springfield up to her room to "listen to some records." Hopefully, her antibiotics for potential venereal diseases have kicked in and they're using protection. 

Charlie cries in the kitchen about Marcy. Sue tells him to get a hold of himself and reminds him that sex is about joy. You almost think that her message is going to be insightful and heartfelt, but then she just pretends she and Charlie are having sex in the guest bedroom, complete with moaning and banging of furniture against the walls - at least that quiets things down in the master bedroom. 

Becca and Chelsea have opened about $3000 worth of wine. Karen is agitated, but Felicia and Dean's response is to drink themselves, since the wine is open. Their cavalier parenting style only upsets Karen further. Becca is also upset - and very drunk - and pukes all over Dean Koons. 

Hank and Karen tuck Becca into bed. Becca asks Hank to stay with her and pleads him to take her side against Karen, allowing her to stay with him in LA. She tells him how lonely she feels and how Chelsea is her only friend. Hank is only further encouraged to move out to New York with Karen. They all need to be together. And best of all, Karen reveals, that she was just kidding about sleeping with Bill!

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Californication Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Becca: Do you know what it's like to have no one and nothing, how totally awful that feels?
Hank: Yes, I think I do. Once upon a time I felt like that, but now I have you.
Becca: Yet somehow I still have nothing.

Karen: I like you like this.
Hank: What, all defeated and shit?
Karen: Yes!