Going It Alone - Burden of Truth
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ClearDawn Labs sues Kodie and Crawford Chang for defamation damages amounting to $14 million. They will drop the suit if Crawford Chang drops their suit.

Joanna and Billy try to use Shakey as a whistleblower but he gets scared and bolts.

Callie's water breaks at the hospital. With Taylor's help, Luna sneaks Callie out because her baby needs to be born off the grid. They help Callie deliver the baby at the side of the road.

Joanna and Billy discover Solomon Stone from ClearDawn has no record before med school. He used to be Solomon Stafford. He was a suspect when a student died at Legacy Pines. They try talking to Eli Roberts, Legacy Pines Principal, with no luck.

Kat discovers there was a civil suit against Solomon Stafford but it was dismissed. The Lawyer was Harper Bailey. Kat gets them and address.

Harper Bailey's son David was the child who died. Solomon convinced him and his friend Elliot to doubt their parents and run away. Elliot is Eli Roberts. He confirms the story. The cold was too much for David and David had an asthma attack.

Eli signs an affidavit and tells the the province doesn't control the contracts, they go through Millwood and some council at City Hall.

Based on Taylor's tip, Owen searches Mercer's house. There's proof Mercer has been blackmailing many in Millwood.
Diane gives Owen permission to arrest Mercer, regardless of the sexual pictures of her he would leak.
Owen tells Joanna and Billy that Mercer has been blackmailing ClearDawn Labs under code name "Late-Night Cheerleader" and "Teach." There are also a lot of account numbers.
Joanna realizes the mayor is the Cheerleader and has been covering for ClearDawn. They need Mercer to testify.
Burden of Truth
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Burden of Truth Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Billy: We wanted to talk to you about Solomon Stone or Stafford.
Eli Roberts: Excuse me.
Billy: Mr. Roberts --
Eli Roberts: It was a scar on the school. I'm sure you know that if you're asking.
Joanna: We wanna know about --
Eli: I don't really have time right now.
Joanna: We just wanna know about --
Eli: I came back here to undo the damage he did. Not about to reopen old wounds, so. I'm sorry, I can't help you.
Joanna: You know what he's doing now?
Eli: I have to ask you to leave.

Joanna: How do people have time for sports? I was always in the library.
Billy: Nerd.